final frontier neuromuscular

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What is a dermatome,
The 31 spine segments on each sid...,
What transmits sensory informatio...
23  cards
What is a myotome,
C1 c2 myotome,
C3 myotome
15  cards
Superficial Reflex Testing
Corneal reflex,
Abdominal reflex t7 t12,
Cremasteric reflex t12 l1
6  cards
DTR Grading Scale
Grade 0,
Grade 1,
Grade 2
5  cards
UE Nerves
What cord does the axillary nerve...,
What are the nerve roots,
What muscles are supplied by the ...
59  cards
LE Nerves
What are the nerve roots of the s...,
Motor supply of the superior glut...,
What are the nerve roots of the i...
33  cards
Cranial Nerve Reflexes
What are the afferent and efferen...,
What is the pupillary light reflex,
What are the afferent and efferen...
6  cards
Basic CNS Anatomy + Aphasia
What occurs with lesion to the fr...,
What occurs with lesion to the te...,
What occurs with broca s aphasia
9  cards
Nerve Tension Tests
Ulnt1 median nerve bias testing p...,
Ulnt3 radial nerve bias testing p...,
Ulnt4 ulnar nerve bias testing po...
23  cards
Functional Components of Cranial Nerves
Cn1 olfactory nerve afferent and ...,
Cn2 optic nerve,
Cn iii oculomotor nerve
12  cards
Cranial Nerve Testing Procedures
Cn i olfactory function test poss...,
Cn i olfactory function test poss...,
Cn i olfactory function test poss...
14  cards
Upper Limb Tension Tests
Ulnt1 median nerve bias testing p...,
Ulnt3 radial nerve bias testing p...,
Ulnt4 ulnar nerve bias testing po...
28  cards
UMN/LMN Lesion Characteristics
Location of lesion structures inv...,
Location of lesion structures inv...,
Diagnosis pathology associated umn
12  cards
Functional Tasks and Motor Skills
What is an adl,
What is a badl,
What is an iadl
5  cards
Differential Diagnosis: Cerebral Cortex/Corticospinal Tracts: Stroke
7  cards
Differential Diagnosis: Basal Ganglia: Parkinson's Disease
8  cards
Differential Diagnosis: Cerebellum: Tumor/Stroke
8  cards
Differential Diagnosis: Spinal Cord: Tumor/Trauma, Complete/Incomplete SCI
6  cards
Coordination Impairments: Cerebellar Pathology
What is the most common term asso...,
Deficits associated with lesion t...,
Deficits associated with lesion t...
16  cards
Coordination Impairments: Basal Ganglia
What is akinesia,
What is athetosis,
What is bradykinesia
12  cards
Spinal Cord Injury Terminology. Neurogenic Bladder
What is the neurological level,
How is motor level determined,
How is the sensory level determined
13  cards
ASIA Impairment Scale
Asia a,
Asia b,
Asia c
5  cards
SCI: Incomplete Lesions; Clinical Syndromes
What is brown sequard syndrome and,
What is the typical cause of brow...,
What is anterior cord syndrome an...
8  cards
SCI: Body Structure/Function Impairments (Pulmonary Impairments)
What is spinal shock,
What is autonomic dysreflexia wha...,
Autonomic dysreflexia initiating ...
11  cards
Key Muscles (ASIA) [Scorebuilders Sensory Testing pg: 296]
10  cards
SCI: Functional Outcomes for Complete Lesions, High Tetraplegia (C1-C5)
Bed mobility c1 c4,
Bed mobility c5,
Transfers bed car toilet floor wc
9  cards
SCI: Functional Outcomes for Complete Lesions, Mid-Level Tetraplegia (C6)
Bed mobility,
Transfers bed car toilet floor wc,
Weight shifting pressure relief r...
6  cards
SCI: Functional Outcomes for Complete Lesions, Low Tetraplegia (C7-C8)
Bed mobility,
Transfers bed car toilet bath equ...,
Weight shifting pressure relief r...
6  cards
SCI: Functional Outcomes for Complete Lesions, Paraplegia
Bed mobility,
Transfers bed car toilet floor up...,
Weight shifting
6  cards
Multiple Sclerosis (GOLD): Scorebuilders
What is ms,
Signs and symptoms
26  cards
Multiple Sclerosis: Management of Fatigue and Spasticity, Energy Conservation
How does ms related fatigue durin...,
Examples of utilizing energy cons...,
Patients with ms typically have s...
5  cards
Muscle Receptors
What are the function muscle spin...,
What are the function of golgi te...,
What are the function of free ner...
4  cards
Somatic Sensory Pathways (DCML Antero-Lateral System)
What is the function of anterior ...,
What is the function of lateral s...,
What is the function of dorsal co...
3  cards
Common Sensory Impairment Terminology
What is allodynia,
What is analgesia,
What is astereognosis
12  cards
Parkinson's Disease
What it parkinsonism syndrome,
What structures are involved in p...,
What is the most likely cause for...
17  cards
Parkinson's Disease: Hoehn & Yahr Classification Scale
Stage 1,
Stage 2,
Stage 3 iii
5  cards
Types of Cerebrovascular Accidents
What is a transient ischemic atta...,
Completed stroke,
Stroke in evolution
12  cards
Characteristics of a CVA
Left hemisphere,
Right hemisphere,
4  cards
Upper Limb Synergy Pattern
Flexor synergy scapula,
Flexor synergy shoulder,
Flexor synergy elbow
14  cards
Lower Limb Synergy Pattern
Flexor synergy,
Flexor synergy knee,
Flexor synergy ankle
8  cards
Blood Supply to the Brain
Brains blood supply components,
What portion of the brain does th...,
What are possible deficits caused...
24  cards
Glascow Coma Scale
What is the gcs used for,
Severe injury range,
Moderate injury range
23  cards
Rancho Los Amigos Levels of Cognitive Functioning
I no responsepatient appears to b...,
Il generalized response,
Iii localized response
9  cards
Traumatic Brain Injury
Post traumatic amnesia severe tbi,
Glascow coma scale gcs score mild...,
Glascow coma scale gcs score mode...
21  cards
Somatosensory input,
Challenging the somatosensory system,
Visual input
17  cards
Balance Test and Measures
Berg balance scale bbs,
Fregly graybiel ataxia test battery,
Fugyl meyer sensorimotor assessme...
7  cards
What is vertigo,
What is benign paroxysmal positio...,
How long does bppv last
10  cards
Vertigo Pathology Central or Peripheral?
Meniere s disease,
10  cards
Characteristics of Central vs. Peripheral Nystagmus
Central lesion direction of nysta...,
Central lesion visual fixation,
Central lesion vertigo
10  cards
Huntington's Disease
What is hd aka huntington s chorea,
Signs and symptoms
16  cards
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
What is als,
What attributes to umn signs,
20  cards
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) (GOLD)
What is gbs,
Signs and symptoms
20  cards
Myasthenia Gravis (silver)
What is myasthenia gravis,
What structure is involved damaged,
Most likely contributing factor
11  cards
Alzheimer's Disease
What is alzheimer s disease,
Signs and symptoms
19  cards
Bell's Palsy
What is bell s palsy,
Signs and symptoms
10  cards
Proper Positioning for Stroke/CVA Patients
Head and neck position when lying...,
Affected ue position when lying i...,
Affected le position when lying i...
14  cards
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) GOLD
What is cts,
Signs and symptoms
22  cards
CVA/Stroke Additional Terminology and PNF patterns
What is the difference between ho...,
What is spatial perceptual dysfun...,
What is agnosia
14  cards
Cerebral Palsy
What is damaged in spastic cp,
What is damaged in athetoid cp,
Risk factors for cp prenatal
30  cards
Brunnstrom Stages of Recovery
Stage 1,
Stage 2,
Stage 3
7  cards
Cognitive Deficits (Perceptual)
What is unilateral neglect,
Which side of the body is usually...,
What is anosognosia
28  cards
Modified Ashworth Scale
What is the modified ashworth sca...,
Grade 0,
Grade 1
10  cards
Spina Bifida
What is spina bifida,
What is spina bifida occulta,
What is spina bifida meningocele
20  cards
Down Syndrome (GOLD)
What is down syndrome,
Clinical presentation
12  cards
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
What gene is affected in dmd,
What is dmd,
Are males or female affected
13  cards
APGAR Scores
Scale range for apgar scores,
Appearance skin color 0,
Appearance skin color 1
17  cards
Autism Spectrum Disorder
What social skills may be affecte...,
Asd do they prefer a routine or a...,
Issues with sensation
9  cards
Brachial Plexus Injury
Cause of brachial plexus injuries,
What is erb s palsy,
What is klumpske s palsy
5  cards
What is plagiocephaly,
Deformation characteristics,
Causes for plagiocephaly
5  cards
Central vs Peripheral Vestibular Lesion Characteristics (FF)
Central vs peripheral ataxia,
Central vs peripheral smooth purs...,
Central vs peripheral hearing loss
7  cards
Oculomotor Examination, CTSIB
What are smooth pursuits,
What are saccades,
Abnormal smooth pursuits and sacc...
16  cards
Symptoms of bppv,
Latency difference between canali...,
Duration difference between canal...
22  cards
Vestibular Dysfunctions and Adaptations
What is unilateral vestibular hyp...,
What is bilateral vestibular hypo...,
What is otitis media
10  cards
Pediatrics: Milestones
What milestones should be present...,
What milestones should be present...,
When should pull to sit without h...
15  cards
Pediatrics: Reflexes
Flexor withdrawal integration sti...,
Crossed extension integration sti...,
Rooting integration stimulus resp...
14  cards
Pediatrics Terminology (AGE descriptions)
What is gestation age,
How to calculate gestational age,
What is chronological age
5  cards
Gross Motor Classification Scale (GMFCS): CP
What is level 1,
What is level 2,
What is level 3
5  cards
Categories of Motor Skills
Gross motor skills,
Fine motor skills,
Discrete motor skills
7  cards
Types of Practice Schedules
Massed practice,
Distributed practice,
Blocked practice
9  cards
Feedback and Schedules
Concurrent feedback,
Terminal feedback,
Immediate feedback
7  cards
Theories of Motor Learning
What is adams closed loop theory,
What is schmidt s schema theory,
Recall schema
7  cards

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