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Acoustic Neuroma
What is an acoustic neuroma,
Where do acoustic neuromas occur,
What are bilateral acoustic neuro...
6  cards
Alzheimers Disease
What is alzheimers dementia,
What are the risk factors for alz...,
What is the pathophysiology of ad
7  cards
Anterior Cord Syndrome
1  cards
Bell's Palsy
What is bell s palsy,
What are risk factors for bell s ...,
How does bell s present
4  cards
Brain Abscess
What is a brain abscess,
What are risk factors for brain a...,
What causes brain abscess
6  cards
Brain Tumours
What is the most common form of b...,
Where do brain mets normally orig...,
What is the most common primary t...
13  cards
Bulbar palsy
What is bulbar palsy,
How can bulbar palsy be classified,
What causes bulbar palsy
5  cards
Cerebellar Disease
What is cerebellar disease,
How does cerebellar disease present,
What causes cerebellar disease
3  cards
Brown-Sequard Syndrome
What is brown sequard syndrome,
What causes bs syndrome,
How does bs syndrome present
4  cards
Cerebral Palsy
What is cerebral palsy,
What causes cerebral palsy,
What are childhood manifestations...
5  cards
Chronic fatigue syndrome
What is chronic fatigue syndrome,
How does chronic fatigue syndrome...,
What is nice diagnostic criteria ...
5  cards
Diabetic Neuropathy
What is diabetic neuropathy,
What are risk factors for dn,
How does dn present
5  cards
What is encephalitis,
What are risk factors for encepha...,
How does encephalitis present
5  cards
What are seizures,
What are the different types of s...,
What do generalised tonic clonic ...
15  cards
Essential Tremor
What is an essential tremor,
What are risk factors for essenti...,
What is the pathophysiology of et
6  cards
Extradural Haemorrhage
What is an extradural haemorrhage,
How does eh present,
How is eh investigated
4  cards
Giant Cell Arteritis
What is gca,
What causes gca,
How does gca present
7  cards
Guillan Barre
What is gbs,
What is the pathophysiology of gbs,
How does gbs present
5  cards
Foot Drop
What is foot drop,
What causes foot drop,
How does foot drop present
4  cards
What is huntington s disease,
What causes huntington s disease,
How does huntingtons present
4  cards
What is malaria,
How does malaria present,
How is malaria investigated
6  cards
What is meningitis,
What causes meningitis,
What type of organism is neisseri...
7  cards
What are the types of migraine,
What are the stages of migraines,
What are triggers for migraines
6  cards
Motor Neuron Disease
What is mnd,
What are risk factors for mnd,
What are the 4 types of mnd
6  cards
Multiple Sclerosis
What is multiple sclerosis,
What are the types of ms,
What is the pathophysiology of ms
7  cards
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
What is dmd,
How does dmd present,
How is dmd investigated
4  cards
Other Muscular Dystrophies
What is beckers muscular dystrophy,
How does bmd present,
What is myotonic dystrophy
7  cards
Myasthenia Gravis
What is myasthenia gravis,
What is the pathophysiology of mg,
How does mg present
7  cards
What is narcolepsy,
What is narcolepsy associated with,
How does narcolepsy present
5  cards
What is neurofibromatosis,
What are the 2 types of neurofibr...,
What is the pathophysiology of nf1
8  cards
Normal pressure hydrocephalus
What is normal pressure hydroceph...,
What is the aetiology of nph,
How does nph present
5  cards
What are the red flag symptoms fo...,
What are tension headaches,
What are triggers for tension hea...
9  cards
Parkinsons Disease
What is parkinsons disease,
What is the pathophysiology of pa...,
How does parkinson s present
6  cards
Cauda Equina
What is cauda equina,
What is the aetiology of cauda eq...,
How does cauda equina present
5  cards
What are the 2 types of stroke,
How do strokes present,
What are the risks of haemorrhagi...
11  cards
Stroke Anatomy
What are symptoms of aca stroke,
What are symptoms of mca stroke,
What are symptoms of pca stroke
11  cards
Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
What is a subarachnoid haemorrhage,
How does sah present
6  cards
Subdural Haemorrhage
What is a subdural haemorrhage,
What causes subdural haemorrhage,
How does acute sdh present
6  cards
Transient Ischaemic Attack
How do tia present,
What is a tia,
How should tia be managed
6  cards
Trigeminal Neuralgia
What is trigeminal neuralgia,
How does trigeminal neuralgia pre...,
How is trigeminal neuralgia managed
3  cards
Vascular Dementia
What are risk factors for vd,
What is vascular dementia,
How does vd present
6  cards
Wernicke's Encephalopathy
What is wernicke s encephalopathy,
How does we present,
How is we managed
4  cards
Nerve Anatomy
How would a median nerve injury p...,
How would a median nerve injury p...,
How would an ulnar nerve injury p...
6  cards
What is sciatica,
What causes sciatica,
What are risk factors for sciatica
5  cards
Tuberous Sclerosis
What is tuberous sclerosis,
How does tuberous sclerosis present
2  cards
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
What is thoracic outlet syndrome,
What are risk factors for tos,
What causes tos
6  cards
What is syringomyelia,
What causes syringomyelia,
How does syringomyelia present
4  cards
Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord
What is subacute combined degener...,
What causes scdotsc,
How does scdotsc present
4  cards
Restless legs syndrome
What is restless legs syndrome,
What are risk factors for rls,
How does rls present
4  cards
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
What is progressive supranuclear ...,
What are features of psp,
3  cards
Pituitary Apoplexy
What precipitates pituitary apoplexy,
What is pituitary apoplexy,
How does pituitary apoplexy present
4  cards
Lambert Eaton Syndrome
What is lambert eaton syndrome,
What is the pathophysiology of les,
How does les present
4  cards
What is cmt,
How does cmt present,
How is cmt managed
3  cards
Glasgow Coma Scale
Motor response,
Verbal response,
Eye response
3  cards

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