finals - oral medicine

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Oral Ulcers
What is an ulcer,
What can cause oral ulceration,
What can indicate what the cause ...
55  cards
Oral Mucosal Disease
When should a mucosal lesion be r...,
Describe the histology of oral mu...
89  cards
Lichen Planus
What is lichen planus,
What types of lichen planus are t...,
How would you determine if a lich...
42  cards
Oral Cancer
What are the two patterns of oral...,
What is the estimated incidence o...,
Who is at greater risk of develop...
100  cards
Vesiculobullous and Immune Disease
What are the two main types of im...,
Which local immunological disease...,
Which systemic immunological dise...
52  cards
Saliva Disorders
What special tests can be done to...,
How can anxiety cause a disorder ...,
What is a somatoform disease
131  cards
Systemic Diseases and the Mouth
Which systemic disorders can affe...,
At what point in a child s develo...,
At what point in a child s develo...
84  cards
Orofacial Pain
What is pain,
What systems can you use to asses...,
What systems in the body regulate...
56  cards
Oral Medicine Clinic Notes
What special tests would you perf...,
What special tests would you cons...,
A patient presents with a small r...
17  cards
What is cell atypia,
What type of stain is needed to d...,
What does the arrow indicate on t...
50  cards
Diagnosis and Treatment
Identify the lesion in the pictur...,
Identify and describe the lesion ...,
Identify and describe the lesion ...
61  cards
OMIT - Malignancies
What is an oral potentially malig...,
Most common types,
Oral leukoplakia clinical features
41  cards
Salivary Gland Pathology
What can cause changes in salivar...,
How can salivary neoplasia present,
What of salivary gland tumours ar...
12  cards

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finals - oral medicine

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