finals: passmed/quesmed

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Contact lens wearer with red pain...,
Management of children with squint,
What is seborrhoeic dermatitis as...
128  cards
Nice immediate referral criteria,
Nice consider referral criteria,
Management of perthes disease in 6
108  cards
What is mcroberts manoeuvre,
What are the drugs of choice for ...,
How to manage reduced foetal move...
91  cards
What is needed following a medica...,
Management of vaginal thrush,
Enlarged boggy uterus
77  cards
How does mnd present on nerve con...,
What are adverse side effects of ...,
How do the pattern of signs prese...
158  cards
What should be considered in elde...,
Patients 25 years who have been s...,
What is flight of ideas
90  cards
Renal Medicine
How do you tell the difference be...,
How do you tell the difference be...,
What is a common cause of fragili...
144  cards
What marker is associated with te...,
What is a common complication of ...,
What are patients at increased ri...
103  cards
What is the management of extensi...,
How should a child with new onset...,
Where are keloid scars most common
146  cards
When should prochlorperazine be u...,
What can be used to distinguish v...,
What are the red flags of chronic...
103  cards
What should patients with coeliac...,
What should patients with spontan...,
Patients with raised platelets an...
217  cards
Central pleuritic chest pain and ...,
Traumatic accident with respirato...,
A third heart sound is considered...
248  cards
What are features of kallman synd...,
How is kallman syndrome managed,
What is vitamin d deficiency asso...
151  cards
General Surgery
Iv fluids and gastric decompressi...,
Neutrophil predominant leucocytos...,
Why is appendicitis pain felt in ...
125  cards
What is a common organism which c...,
Cavitating pneumonia in the upper...,
Long term use of what can precipi...
169  cards
What are the clinical findings of...,
Sulfasalazine can cause what,
What would joint aspiration of rh...
223  cards
Reddening and thickening of nippl...,
Middle aged patients with breathl...
128  cards
What would be blood results of an...,
What are side effects of ferrous ...,
What are triggers for sickle cell...
161  cards
What are the positional manoeuvre...,
What is the different airway adju...,
What error can happen with endotr...
29  cards
Vascular Surgery
What is the screening of aaa,
What is the screening outcomes fo...,
What are high rupture risks for aaa
52  cards
Electrolyte Imbalances
What are causes of hypocalcaemia,
How is hypocalcaemia managed,
How does hypocalcaemia present
21  cards
Public Health
What are the 3 types of prevention,
What is prevention paradox,
What is sensitivity formula
48  cards

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