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How does tension pneumothorax arise,
How is tension pneumothorax treated,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
14  cards
Smoking Cessation
What can you offer for smoking ce...,
Nrt varenicline or bupropion shou...,
Prescription of nrt varenicline o...
14  cards
Asthma is the most common chronic...,
What affected children and adults,
Asthma definition
45  cards
Pleural Effusion
How do you classify pleural effusion,
What is transudate pleural effusion,
What is the most common transudat...
21  cards
What is a normal blood pressure,
Nice define hypertension as follows,
Patients with hypertension may be...
55  cards
Heart Failure
What are the features of chronic ...,
What is specific about chronic he...,
People with heart failure sometim...
45  cards
Acute Coronary Syndromes
Acute coronary syndrome acs is an...,
Ischaemic heart disease is a term...,
Describe pathophysiology of acute...
75  cards
What is the most common sustained...,
What is the most important import...,
What can uncontrolled atrial fibr...
91  cards
Congenital Heart Conditions
What are the most common causes o...,
Vsds are more common than asds,
What are the most common causes o...
41  cards
Valvular Disease
What are the 4 valve areas for au...,
The first heart sound s1 is cause...,
The second heart sound s2 is caus...
39  cards
Acute Kidney Injury
What are some examples of nephrot...,
The criteria for diagnosing aki l...,
In terms of creatinine what is th...
63  cards
Inherited cardiomyopathies tend t...,
What are the two inherited forms ...,
How can you prevent sudden cardia...
41  cards
Aortic Dissection
Aortic dissection is rare,
Describe the pathophysiology of a...,
Which syndromes are associated wi...
33  cards
Pulmonary Embolism
What are the symptoms of pe,
Pulmonary embolism can be difficu...,
Classically patients present with...
75  cards
Macrocytic Anaemia
What is macroctyic anaemia,
What is the normal range of mcv,
Macrocytic anaemia can be divided...
39  cards
Thrombotic Disorders
What is thrombocytopenia,
Normal platelet count,
Causes of moderate thrombocytopenia
62  cards
Microcytic Anaemia
What is microcytic anaemia,
What are the causes of microcytic...,
A history of a normal haemoglobin...
69  cards
Blood Transfusion
When are red packed cells used,
How are red packed cells obtained,
When is platelet rich plasma used
64  cards
Haemolytic Anaemia
Thalassaemias covered in Microcytic Anaemia deck
64  cards
Haematological Malignancy
What is leukaemia,
What is pancocytopenia,
In what ages do different leukaem...
142  cards
Bleeding Disorders
Pack includes notes on Heparin & Warfarin, Epistaxis, HHT
81  cards
Chronic Kidney Disease
Common causes of chronic kidney d...,
Serum creatinine may not provide ...,
What formula is used to estimated...
101  cards
What are the features of nephriti...,
Hyaline casts in urine are pathon...,
Brown granular casts in urine are...
100  cards
Inherited Renal Disease
What is the most common cause of ...,
What two disease loci of adpkd ha...,
Autosomal dominant polycystic kid...
20  cards
Renal & Urology Cancer
Renal cell cancer is also known as,
Renal cell cancer accounts for 85...,
Renal cell cancer arises from
84  cards
Urological Emergencies
What is the most common urologica...,
What is acute urinary retention,
Epidemiology of acute urinary ret...
68  cards
Renal Stones Hydronephrosis Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia LUTS & Urinary Incontinence Testicular & Scrotal Issues
100  cards
Around of the uk population has h...,
Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyr...,
The thyroid gland is one of the l...
111  cards
Adrenal Issues
What is addisons disease,
What is the commonest cause of hy...,
Addisons disease and results in r...
57  cards
Sodium/Water Balance Issues
In the 2013 guidelines nice recom...,
In the 2013 guidelines nice recom...,
In the 2013 guidelines nice recom...
99  cards
Ix t1dm,
The symptoms and signs in a new d...,
Antibodies in t1dm
112  cards
What is acromegaly,
Causes of acromegaly,
Symptoms of acromegaly
63  cards
Parathyroid/ Calcium
What is pth,
Calcium enters the body through the,
The main reservoir of calcium in ...
49  cards
Reproduction - Endocrine
What is kallmanns syndrome,
How is kallmans usually inherited,
Kallmans the clue given in many q...
18  cards
Psoriasis prevalence,
Patients with psoriasis are at in...,
Pathophysiology psoriasis immunology
44  cards
Acne vulgaris is a common skin di...,
Acne vulgaris pathophysiology,
Acne vulgaris epidemiology
52  cards
Eczema & Dermatitis
The simplified pathophysiology is...,
Eczema occurs in around of childr...,
Eczema typically presents
38  cards
There are four main subtypes of m...,
Frequency of melanoma,
Superficial spreading typically a...
25  cards
Non Melanoma
Bcc lesions are also known as,
Bcc are characterised by,
Bcc mets common
51  cards
Bullous Disorders
What is bullous pemphigoid,
Bullous pemphigoid is more common in,
Bullous pemphigois usually does d...
14  cards
Drug Eruptions
What is stevens johnson syndrome,
Features of sjs,
Causes of sjs
61  cards
Emergency Medicine
Mx acute asthma,
Mx stemi,
Mx nstemi
8  cards
Orthopaedics - Spine
Symmptoms of lesion in dorsal col...,
Symmptoms of lesion in spinothala...,
Symmptoms of lesion in central co...
80  cards
Crystal Arthropathies
What is gout,
Natural hx of gout,
Main features gout
40  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis presentation,
Deformities in late features of r...,
Unusual presentation of ra
57  cards
Disease of the Bone
Osteoporosis is a disorder affect...,
Bone mineral density decreases wi...,
World health organisation define ...
77  cards
Labour may be defined as,
Signs of labour include,
Labour may be divided in to three...
60  cards
Antenatal Care
Nutritional supplements,
Iron supplementation should be of...,
Describe reccomendations for foli...
61  cards
Delivery & Fetal Medicine
Alpha fetoprotein afp is a protei...,
Increased afp,
Decreased afp
82  cards
Intrapartum Infections
Chickenpox is caused by,
Shingles is caused by,
In pregnancy there is a risk to
45  cards
Systemic Disease in Pregnancy
In pregnancy there is an increase...,
In pregnancy there is an increase...,
Untreated thyrotoxicosis increase...
90  cards
Pregnancy Complications
Placenta accreta describes,
Placenta accreta risks,
Placenta accreta there are 3 diff...
80  cards
Postpartum Complications
What is a galactocele,
Galactocele typically occurs in,
Breast feeding suppressing lactat...
56  cards
Pregnancy: physiological changes
Cardiovascular system,
Interfere with venous return is d...
22  cards
Women who are considering taking ...,
Combined oral contraceptive pill ...,
The cocp is conventionally taken ...
127  cards
Cervical Disease
Around 50 of cases of cervical ca...,
Cervical cancer in the uk are hig...,
Types of cervical cancer
46  cards
Endometrial Disease
Adenomyosis is,
Adenomyosis is more common in,
Adenomyosis features
44  cards
Ovarian Disease
Polycystic ovary syndrome pcos is,
Polycystic ovary syndrome pcos sx,
Polycystic ovary syndrome pcos ix
52  cards
Menopause & Menstrual Issues
The average women in the uk goes ...,
The climacteric is,
It is recommended to use effectiv...
51  cards
Ectopic pregnancy is,
Ectopic pregnancy a typical histo...,
Ectopic pregnancy describe lower ...
43  cards
Around 80 of vulval cancers are,
Vulval carcinoma cases occur in w...,
Vulval cancer is relatively rare ...
49  cards
Psychiatry - Law/MSE
Mental state examination consists of,
What is circumstantiality,
What is tangentiality
29  cards
The following two questions can b...,
There are many tools to assess th...,
Hospital anxiety and depression h...
82  cards
The strongest risk factor for dev...,
Schizophrenia rx and fh,
Risk factors for psychotic disord...
42  cards
Psychosis is a term used to describe,
Psychotic features include,
Psychotic thought features
52  cards
Eating Disorders
Anorexia nervosa is the most comm...,
Anorexia nervosa epidemiology,
Anorexia nervosa bmi and amenorrh...
20  cards
Acute stress disorder is defined as,
Acute stress disorder features in...,
Acute stress disorder mx
39  cards
Personality Disorders
Pds are often thought to be untre...,
Personality disorders types,
Antisocial is more common in men
34  cards
Anti-Hypertension/Anti-Anginal Drugs
Acei mechanism of action,
Acei s e,
Acei is ok in pregnancy breastfee...
53  cards
Rhythm Control Agents
Amiodarone is a class antiarrhyth...,
Amiodarone mechanism,
Amiodarone loading doses are freq...
53  cards
Hree direct oral anticoagulants d...,
Direct factor xa inhibitor examples,
Direct thrombin inhibitor examples
51  cards
Infective Endocarditis
Tayside antibiotic mannative valv...,
Tayside antibiotic mannative valv...,
Tayside antibiotic manprosthetic ...
41  cards
Immediate first aid for burns cau...,
Immediate first aid for electrica...,
Immediate first aid for chemical ...
47  cards
Area for auscultating the aortic,
Area for auscultating the pulmonary,
Area for auscultating the tricuspid
66  cards
U have no pot no t just a long pr...,
Jesus quist its bloody freezingmn...,
Ecg digoxinlong qt interval
48  cards
Colorectal - UNFINISHED
Colorectal cancer is the most com...,
Location of cancer averages,
Colorectal cancer referral guidel...
52  cards
Syncope may be defined as,
What is reflex syncope,
Describe vasovagal syncope
15  cards
Oesophageal Disorders
Gastro oesophageal reflux disease...,
Nice recommend that gord which ha...,
Gord poor correlation between sym...
53  cards
Peptic Ulcers
Helicobacter pylori is a,
Helicobacter pylori associations,
H pylori seen in of duodenal ulce...
51  cards
Intestinal features of crohn s di...,
Intestinal features of ulcerative...,
Extra intestinal features of croh...
83  cards
Liver Disease
Acute liver failure describes,
Acute liver failure causes,
Acute liver failure viral hepatit...
62  cards
Biliary/Pancreatic Disease
Primary sclerosing cholangitis is,
Primary sclerosing cholangitis as...,
Of patients with uc have psc of p...
59  cards
What is vitamin b6,
Causes of vitamin b6 deficiency,
Consequences of vitamin b6 defici...
42  cards
Criteria for brain stem death tes...,
Testing for brain death should be...,
Members of transplant team cannot...
70  cards
Appendicitis/ Bowel Disease
Most common acute abdominal condi...,
Acute appendicitis can occur at a...,
Acute appendicitis patients often...
81  cards
GI Pharmacology
What is 5 aminosalicyclic acid 5 asa,
Sulphasalazinea combination of an...,
Sulphasalazine has few side effec...
29  cards
Hepatic Disease
The causes of ascites can be grou...,
Saag 11g l indicates,
Saag 11g l most common cause
89  cards
Growth & Development
Developmental milestones gross mo...,
Developmental milestones gross mo...,
Developmental milestones gross mo...
95  cards
Genetics Child Health
Autosomal recessive conditions ar...,
The following conditions are auto...,
The following conditions are auto...
102  cards
Fetal Medicine
Describe apgar score parameters,
Apgar score components include,
A score of 0 in the agpar score p...
107  cards
Child Health Derm/Infections
Head lice also known as pediculos...,
Head lice are small insects that ...,
Head lice are spread by
88  cards
Child Health Respiratory
Croup epidemiology,
Croup sx,
Croup causative organism
65  cards
Throat Disease
Sore throat encompasses,
Throat swabs and rapid antigen te...,
Mx sore throat ingle dose of oral...
52  cards
Infectious Diseases: The Basics
Outline the current bnf guideline...,
Outline the current bnf guideline...,
Outline the current bnf guideline...
48  cards
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