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1.1 Needs, Wants And Aspirations
Define need,
Define want,
Define aspiration
6  cards
1.2 How Needs, Wants And Aspirations Change Over The Life Cycle
Does a persons needs change over ...,
Name the stages of the life cycle,
As people move from childhood int...
18  cards
1.3 Satisfying Needs, Wants And Aspirations
What are medium term and longer t...,
Why do people use medium longer t...,
Where offers long term savings ac...
11  cards
1.4 Internal Factors That Influence Needs, Wants And Aspirations
What are internal factors,
What is the key factor that affec...,
Do values beliefs and attitudes a...
23  cards
1.5 External Factors That Influence Needs, Wants And Aspirations
Name the major external factors,
What is marketing,
What is promotion
17  cards
1.6 The Effects Of Personal Values On Individual Behaviour And Decisions
Hi hey there fancy seeing y ou he...,
What is the feedback effect in re...,
What are expectations
20  cards
Topic 1 Key Words
31  cards
2.1 Why People Save In The Medium And Long Term
Why do people decide to save for ...,
Why might people not gain as much...,
Give the two main ways in which p...
3  cards
2.2 The Differences Between Savings And Investments
Name the two ways in which people...,
How do savings products have the ...,
Which financial services provider...
13  cards
2.3 Providers Of Long-Term Savings And Investment Products
Name the financial services provi...,
What are friendly societies what ...,
What do insurance companies provide
15  cards
2.6 Investment Funds
Do all major banks insurance comp...,
How do providers offer long term ...,
Are funds fixed or flexible
43  cards
2.7 Pension Plans
Is a personal pension a type of i...,
Is a personal pension tax efficient,
Name the types of pension fund
6  cards
2.4 Long-Term Savings Products
Are easy access savings accounts ...,
Easy access savings accounts pay ...,
If someone wants to put money asi...
15  cards
2.5 Investment Products - Assets
What is investment,
Name the main categories of inves...,
How can people invest their money...
36  cards

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