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Assumed Knowledge
What is the formula for compounding,
What is the formula for discounting,
What is also the formula for pres...
6  cards
Basic investment appraisal techniques
What are the two basic methods of...,
What is the default method for ro...,
What is the formula for roce init...
21  cards
3) Investment Appraisal DCF Technique
What are the advantages of npv,
What are the disadvantages of npv,
What are the terms used for the c...
25  cards
4) DCF- Further aspects
Are interest rate and companys wa...,
What is the real method,
What is the money method
20  cards
5) DCF- Special decision
What are the three special decisions,
For asset replacement what are th...,
What is the method used to in ass...
28  cards
6) Risk and investment appraisal
What is risk,
What is uncertainty,
What are the methods of dealing w...
28  cards
7) Sources of Finance [15]
What are some of the factors to c...,
What is the term structure of int...,
What is gearing
75  cards
8) Dividend Policy (16)
What are the three theories conce...,
What is dividend irrelevancy theory,
What is dividend residual dividen...
16  cards
9) Cost of Capital (17)
What are the two methods that can...,
What is the dividend valuation model,
What are the assumptions of dvm
54  cards
12) Business Valuation and market efficiency
What are the reasons for business...,
What is market capitalisation,
What are the three methods of equ...
63  cards
13) Working capital management
What is working capital,
Working capital has a cost which ...,
What is the objective of working ...
48  cards
14 ) WCM- Inventory
What is the inventory balancing act,
What are the costs of low levels ...,
What are the costs of high levels...
35  cards
15) receivables and payables
What are the objectives of accoun...,
What is a credit policy influence...,
What are the aspects of a credit ...
64  cards
16) cash management
What are the reasons for holding ...,
What is a cash budget,
What are cash budgets used for
27  cards
17) The economic environment
What is macroeconomic policy,
What are the objectives of the ma...,
What are the two trade offs or po...
48  cards
1) Financial Management FUnction
1 what is financial management co...,
2 what do you need to think of wh...,
3 what do you need to think of wh...
53  cards
10) Capital structure
What is operational gearing,
What are the formulas that can be...,
What is high operating gearing
31  cards
11) Financial ratios
What are the four categories of r...,
What do and are the profitability...,
What is return on capital employe...
33  cards
18- FM Environment
What is a reverse yield gap,
What are the common roles of the ...,
What are examples of market failu...
8  cards
What is interest rate parity,
What is purchasing power parity,
Money market hedge how do you hed...
17  cards
What is interest rate risk,
What are the 3 theory to the term...,
What is liquidity preference theory
25  cards

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