Financial Protection - R05

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Chapter 1 - History of financial protection
Demand for life cover is driven by,
What is the protection gap,
What is the formula for the prote...
17  cards
Chapter 2 - Protection needs
What are the main types of protec...,
What policies could you use to co...,
What policies could you use to co...
21  cards
Chapter 3 - State Benefits
A contributory benefit is,
A means tested benefit is,
A taxable benefit is
41  cards
Chapter 4 - Life Assurance
What is a whole of life wol plan,
How does a unit linked wol work,
What is term assurance
53  cards
Chapter 5 - Tax treatment of Life Assurance
What is the main difference betwe...,
What are the 5 chargeable events ...,
How is an onshore life assurance ...
27  cards
Chapter 6 - Income Protection
What is the definition of an inco...,
Income protection is also known a...,
Income protection is subject to w...
25  cards
Chapter 7 - Critical Illness
How would you define critical ill...,
Is the payment from a critical il...,
Why would it not be recommended f...
17  cards
Chapter 8 - Long Term Care
Long term care is typically neede...,
What is the personal expense allo...,
Over what level of assets would a...
19  cards
Chapter 9 - Short Term Insurance
How does a personal accident and ...,
What does a personal accident and...,
What does a personal accident and...
31  cards
Chapter 10 - Key Person and Business Protection
How would you describe key person...,
What are the 3 main reason why ke...,
What are the 2 ways of calculatin...
15  cards

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Financial Protection - R05

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