(finished) (a2) pre-u english quotes and devices

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3.1 Remains of the Day Quotes
Quote 2 traits,
Quote 1 in a manner,
Quote 3 symmons
32  cards
(FINISHED) 1.5 Miscellaneous Articles: Measure For Measure
An introduction to genre accordin...,
The duke in measure for measure w...,
The problem of measure for measur...
7  cards
3.2 Petry article - key Points
What did lawrence graver call ste...,
Petry claims stevens narrates in ...,
What does stevens playing down of...
24  cards
3.3 Gouth's Submerged Narratives - Key Points
What does the exposition of digni...,
What are the two hidden narrative...,
How can the pathos of human fragi...
6  cards
(FINISHED) 2.1 The Rivals Quotes
Sir anthony on the black arts,
Sir anthony on passion,
Sir anthony on dogs
68  cards
(FINISHED) Poetry Analysis skills
A fanciful poetic image or metaph...,
10 11 syllable lines in 8 line oc...,
11 syllable lines in tercets aba ...
88  cards
(FINISHED) 1.1 Measure for Measure Quotes
I totally found these quotes by myself. These are clearly not Alec's.
53  cards
4.1 The Pardoner's Tale Quotes
The Pardoner's Tale Key Quotes
50  cards
(FINISHED) 1.4 Critical Views and Devices in Measure for Measure
Angelo s coin quote,
How does shakespeare set word aga...,
Give an example of listing used b...
16  cards
(FINISHED) Rhetorical Devices
A noun next to another noun henry...,
A particular form of understateme...,
A short informal reference to a f...
103  cards
(FINISHED) 1.2 Measure for measure: Act V Focus
5 1 8,
5 1 25,
5 1 27
23  cards
4.3 Pardoner's Tale Rhetoric
10  cards
(FINISHED) Literary Eras
When was medieval literature at i...,
When was renaissance literature a...,
When was enlightenment literature...
21  cards
(FINISHED) 1.3 Critical Interpretations: Measure for Measure
Regarding the whole play what are...,
Duke interpretationswhat are the ...,
Duke interpretationswhat are the ...
12  cards
(FINISHED) 2.3 The Rivals: Context
Types of ironywhat can be defined...,
Dramatic irony,
Situational irony
9  cards
Pardoners Tale Context
Lazaro satirical traditions,
Lazaro social satire,
Lazaro three audiences
13  cards

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(finished) (a2) pre-u english quotes and devices

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