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Chapter 1 - The Fire Service
What does the golden rule mean wh...,
Which position serves as a point ...,
Which style of leadership does th...
81  cards
Chapter 2 - Firefighter Health & Safety
What is the primary goal of inves...,
The highest number of fire fighte...,
At an emergency scene the safety ...
56  cards
Chapter 3 - Personal Protective Equipment
How much of the body is structura...,
A structural firefighting ppe ens...,
What is the primary function of t...
45  cards
Chapter 4 - Fire Service Communications
____________ is an enhanced 911 s...,
A _________________ is a radio sy...,
A __________________ is a radio s...
6  cards
CHAPTER 5 - Fire Behavior
What stage is this fire in,
How is the heat from this fire tr...,
Which of the following is not a f...
7  cards
CHAPTER 6 - Building Construction
What type of construction is the ...,
What type of construction were th...,
A _________ wall is a wall that i...
8  cards
CHAPTER 7 - Portable Fire Extinguishers
Which class of fire involves comb...,
Which fire extinguisher would you...,
Which type of fire extinguisher c...
8  cards
CHAPTER 8 - Fire Fighter Tools and Equipment
A is a tool that is used to remov...,
A is a prying tool that incorpora...,
A is a tool made of hardened stee...
6  cards
CHAPTER 9 - Ropes and Knots
What type of rope is designed to ...,
What is the part of a rope used f...,
The knot used to secure the lefto...
8  cards
CHAPTER 10 - Forcible Entry
The window you peer through is ca...,
The front door to the office area...,
Which type of door is most common...
8  cards
CHAPTER 11 - Ladders
When possible which is the prefer...,
How should wire rope halyard exte...,
In addition to after each use whe...
7  cards
CHAPTER 12 - Search and Rescue
Where should a search begin,
During the search you locate a vi...,
The minimum number of rescuers re...
8  cards
CHAPTER 13 - Ventilation
You are assigned to vertically ve...,
When cutting a vertical ventilati...,
You need to make a cut using a po...
8  cards
CHAPTER 14 - Water Supply Systems
Which of the following is not a m...,
Which of the following are the la...,
Which type of fire hydrant is con...
8  cards
CHAPTER 15 - Fire Hose, Appliances, and Nozzles
Large diameter hose is _______ or...,
Which of the following is not an ...,
Which of the following sizes of h...
8  cards
CHAPTER 16 - Supply Line and Attack Line Evolutions
If you are forced to lay the supp...,
If your department uses 4 in 100 ...,
When connecting your soft sleeve ...
6  cards
CHAPTER 17 - Fire Suppression
Which of the following is used to...,
Which of the following is not a m...,
A _____ is made by using a smooth...
7  cards
CHAPTER 18 - Fire Fighter Survival
Who is responsible for conducting...,
Which of the following is not a h...,
Which of the following is not par...
8  cards
CHAPTER 19 - Salvage and Overhaul
A ____ is a piece of canvas or pl...,
A ____ is a salvage cover that ha...,
What is your role related to fire...
8  cards
CHAPTER 20 - Fire Fighter Rehabilitation
Which of the following describes ...,
Which of the following fluids are...,
Where should the rehabilitation c...
8  cards
CHAPTER 21 - Wildland and Ground Cover Fires
A grass fire is characterized by ...,
Which of the following would be c...,
Which of the following is one leg...
8  cards
CHAPTER 22 - Establishing and Transferring Command
What is the first action your cre...,
Under nims who should be in charg...,
What is the first incident priori...
8  cards
CHAPTER 23 - Advanced Fire Suppression
1 a transitional attack on this fire,
2 which of the following is not a...,
3 if a flammable compressed gas c...
5  cards
CHAPTER 24 - Vehicle Rescue and Extrication
Which of the following hazards sh...,
Prior to making your first extric...,
What type of glass is generally u...
8  cards
CHAPTER 25 - Assisting Special Rescue Teams
Which of the following is not lik...,
What is the major safety concern ...,
Which tri area is restricted to e...
8  cards
CHAPTER 26 - Fire Detection, Suppression, and Smoke Control Systems
An ____ is an audible and or visu...,
A class ____ standpipe is designe...,
A n ____ fire alarm system transm...
8  cards
CHAPTER 27 - Fire and Life Safety Initiatives
Regulations designed to prevent f...,
Which program focuses on instruct...,
By approximately what percentage ...
6  cards
CHAPTER 28 - Fire Origin and Cause
Which of the following must be pr...,
If this fire was ignited by a ver...,
If this fire was ignited by light...
8  cards
CHAPTER 29 - Regulations, Standards, and Laws
1  cards
CHAPTER 30 - Recognizing and Identifying the Hazards
1  cards

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