first aid rapid review

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Classic Presentations I
Abdominal pain ascites hepatomegaly,
Abdominal pain diarrhea leukocyto...,
Achilles tendon xanthoma
27  cards
Rate-determining Enzymes
Tca cycle,
13  cards
Rate-determining Regulators
Fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase,
Isocitrate dehydrogenase tca,
Glycogen synthase glycogenesis
12  cards
Classic Labs/Findings
Anticentromere antibodies,
Anti desmoglein epithelial antibo...,
Anti glomerular basement membrane...
35  cards
Classic Presentations II
Chronic exercise intolerance with...,
Cold intolerance,
Conjugate horizontal gaze palsy h...
27  cards
Classic Presentations III
Hereditary nephritis sensorineura...,
Hyperphagia hypersexuality hypero...,
Hyperreflexia hypertonia babinski...
24  cards
Classic Presentations IV
Painless erythematous lesions on ...,
Painless jaundice,
Palpable purpura on buttocks legs...
28  cards
Classic Presentations V
Small irregular red spots on bucc...,
Smooth moist painless wart like w...,
Splinter hemorrhages in feingernails
19  cards
Classic Labs/Findings II
Electrical alternans alternating ...,
Enlarged cells with intranuclear ...,
Enlarged thyroid cells with groun...
29  cards
Classic Labs/Findings III
Low serum ceruloplasmin,
Lumpy bumpy appearance of glomeru...,
Lytic punched out bone lesions on...
29  cards
Classic Labs/Findings IV
Soap bubble in femur or tibia on ...,
Spikes on basement membrane dome ...,
Stacks of rbcs
18  cards
Drug Suffixes (DIT)
37  cards
Drugs by Cardiac Side Effects (DIT)
Coronary vasospasm,
Dilated cardiomyopathy
10  cards
Drugs by Pulmonary/MS/Endocrine Side Effects (DIT)
Hot flashes,
10  cards
Drugs by Renal/Multiorgan Side Effects (DIT)
Interstitial nephritis,
Diabetes insipidus,
Fanconi syndrome proximal tubule ...
12  cards
Classic/Relevant Treatments I
Absence seizures,
Acute gout attack,
Acute promyelocytic leukemia m3
27  cards
Classic/Relevant Treatments II
Cyclophosphamide induced hemorrha...,
Diabetes insipidus
32  cards
Classic/Relevant Treatments III
Neural tube defect prevention,
Osteomalacia rickets,
31  cards
Ego Defenses (First Aid)
Expressing unacceptable feelings ...,
Separating feelings from ideas an...,
Temporary drastic change in perso...
18  cards
Ego Defenses (Examples) (First Aid)
Adults finding comfort in their c...,
Not true
18  cards
Aortic/Branchial arch derivatives
1st aortic arch,
1st branchial arch cartilage deri...,
1st branchial arch muscle derivat...
25  cards
Coarse facies cold abscesses incr...,
Increased autoimmune disease risk...,
Recurrent bacterial and enterovir...
14  cards
Immunodeficiency Defect
Il2r gamma chain defect,
Ada deficiency,
Atm gene defect leading to failur...
14  cards
B Vitamin Names
8  cards
B Vitamin Reactions
8  cards
Vitamin B enzymes
8  cards
Glycogen Storage Diseases
Von gierke disease findings,
Von gierke disease deficient enzyme,
Von gierke disease treatment
10  cards
Lysosomal storage disease
Fabry disease findings,
Fabry disease deficient enzyme an...,
Gaucher disease findings
13  cards

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