fixed prostodontics

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Prosthodontics is that body of kn...,
Fixed prosthodontics
38  cards
Principles Of Tooth Preparations
5 principles of tooth preparation...,
1 preservation of tooth structure 3,
Biologic 3
95  cards
Sensors and Digital Imaging pt. 1
The x ray film market is expected...,
Film packet contents 2,
Intraoral film size
30  cards
Full metal & all ceramic restorations
The restoration can survive in th...,
The configuration of the preparat...,
Marginal integrity it also can af...
78  cards
Interim Restorations
Use of interim restorations 6,
Interim restorations definition a...,
Interim restorations used to
84  cards
Metal-Ceramic Restorations
Metal ceramic restorations,
Metal ceramic restorations combines,
Indications for metal ceramic res...
50  cards
Midterm Test Files
What is the problem seen with buc...,
What technique is most appropriat...,
Adequate facial reduction with gr...
164  cards
Midterm 2020
1 occlusal clearance for posterio...,
2 picture of tipping tooth with s...,
3 picture of anterior prep where ...
35  cards
Definitive Casts and Dies
Definitive master or working cast,
A good cast must be 2
65  cards
Dental impression,
Dental impression i made from,
The ideal impression material 5
74  cards
Design transfer,
Blockout relief 2,
Arbitrary blockout in less critic...
12  cards
Intro to Digital Dentistry
What is digital dentistry,
35  cards
Restoration of extensively damaged vital teeth
Pulp and mm thick surrounding lay...,
Retentive features should not be ...,
Auxiliary retentive features idea...
63  cards
Fundamentals of Occlusion for Fixed Prosthodontics
Is a critical factor for all dent...,
A patient may have an orthodontic...,
Conversely a patient with a class...
56  cards
Finishing and Polishing Cast Gold & All Ceramic Restorations
Steps after waxing up a gold crown 2,
Patient try in lab procedures use...,
50  cards
Direct Retainers Part 2
Suprabulge 2,
Infrabulge 2,
Bar clasps indicated 2
46  cards
Dental Cements
Why dental cements 4,
Prolong the life of the pulp in t...,
Dental cement
97  cards
2021 file + 2018 & 2012
1 order the following cements fro...,
2 all of the following are differ...,
3 gi is not used for core build u...
115  cards
Lab Quizzes
1 what is the ideal total occlusa...,
2 what is the occlusal clearance ...,
3 the ratio of the occlusocervica...
32  cards

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fixed prostodontics

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