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1229 Exam 2: Growth and Development
36  cards
1229 Exam 2: Nursing Diagnosis
Nursing assessment,
Purpose of the nursing assessment,
Steps that constitute a nursing a...
23  cards
1229 Exam 2: Breast Feeding and Bonding
En face
14  cards
1229 Exam 2: IV Skills/Venipuncture
Purpose of iv therapy,
Iv therapy
50  cards
1229 Exam 2: Antepartum
Renal system
37  cards
1229 Exam 1
Very concentrated high protein an...,
Soft bacterial deposits that adhe...,
Oral infection caused by a fungus...
256  cards
1229 Exam 3: Newborn Care/Skills
Transitional period,
First period of reactivity
31  cards
1229 Exam 3: C section
Indications for a cesarean section,
24  cards
1229 Exam 3: Rest and Sleep
Newborn sleep,
Infant sleep time
7  cards
1229 Exam 3: Maternal Cardiac
Cv changes of pregnancy,
Nyha classification,
Cardiac decompensation
18  cards
1229 Exam 3: Intrapartal Care
Beginning with irregular uterine ...,
2 3 cm long and 1 cm thick all yo...,
Measurement of fetal decent in ce...
71  cards
1229 Exam 3: Goal Writing
What are the steps of the nursing...,
Process of priority setting,
Goal statement components
12  cards
1229 Exam 4: Gestational HTN
Morbidity mortality,
Hypertension defined
21  cards
1229 Exam 4: RDS, Prematurity, NEC, and Septicemia
Infants born before 37 weeks,
1 in 8 over 1 2 million per year ...,
23 weeks 20 survive 90 handicap 2...
21  cards
1229 Exam 4: Postpartum
Physiological maternal changes du...,
Physical risk during the postpart...
68  cards
1229 Exam 4: Diabetic Mother
Diabetes mellitus,
Gestational diabetes,
Type one diabetes
32  cards
1229 Exam 5: Pediatric Med Administration
Dosage calculation,
Medication exceeding dose
27  cards
1229 Exam 5: Hyperemesis
What is hyperemesis,
Risk factors of hyperemesis,
What does hyperemesis look like
48  cards
1229 Exam 5: Congenital Hypothyroidism
A deficiency of thyroid hormone b...,
Clinical manifestations for hypo ...,
The most severe consequence of co...
13  cards
1229 Exam 5: Placenta Previa and Abruptio
Life support system for the unbor...,
Placenta has implanted in the low...,
When placenta completely covers t...
38  cards
1229 Exam 5: Sexually Transmitted Infections
An infection that can be transfer...,
Means that a germ that can cause ...,
Means that the infection is actua...
93  cards
1229 Exam 5: Extrophy of the bladder
What is phimosis,
What is the treatment for phimosis,
Nursing care of phimosis
29  cards
1229 Exam 5: Cleft lip palate
Choamal atresia,
20  cards
1229 Exam 5: TE Fistula
Esophageal atresia with without t...,
26  cards
1229 Exam 6: Emotional Disorders
Attention deficit hyperactivity d...,
Juvenile onset bipolar disorder
51  cards
1229 Exam 6: Eating Disorders
Anorexia nervosa,
Bulimia nervosa,
Binge eating
34  cards
1229 Exam 6: Otitis Media
4 different sets of tonsils,
Functions of tonsils,
27  cards
1229 Exam 6: Emergency Care and First Aid
Special factors when caring for i...,
Best indications of a child s con...,
The abc s sometimes d
34  cards
1229 Exam 6: Crisis/Disaster Interventions and Suicide
An acute disruption of psychologi...,
A crisis for me may not be a cris...,
Types of crises
46  cards
1229 Exam 7: Diabetic Child
What is diabetes melitus,
What is endogenous insulin,
What are risk factors for diabete...
36  cards
1229 Exam 6 Family Violence
What is anger,
What is aggression,
Anger and aggression
66  cards
1229 Exam 6 Croup Syndromes
What is croup syndromes,
What does croup syndromes affect,
Important to remember
33  cards
1229 Exam 6 Biliary Atresia and more
What is biliary atresia,
Who is more likely to have biliar...,
What causes biliary atresia
35  cards
1229 Exam 7: Cystic Fibrosis
What is cystic fibrosis,
Patho of cf,
Etiology of cf
11  cards
1229 Exam 7: Scoliosis, Club Foot, Congenital Hip
What are the three types of scoli...,
Definition of scoliosis,
What is idiopathic scoliosis
28  cards
1229 Exam 7: childhood anemia
42  cards
1229 Exam 7: Childhood Cancers
Wilms tumor,
Risk factors for wilms tumor,
Wilms tumor occurs more frequentl...
46  cards
1229 Exam 7: Intussusception, Celiac, Hirschsprung, and Volvulus
What is gluten,
What is celiac disease,
Assessment for celiac disease
34  cards
1229 Exam 7: Childhood Anemias
Sickle cell anemia,
Hemoglobin s
41  cards
1229 Exam 7: Gastroenteritis
What is the patho of gastroenteritis,
What does gastroenteritis effect,
What does enteritis effect
41  cards
1229 Exam 7: communicable diseases and immunization
Chicken pox tx,
Chicken pox varicella,
Avoid _______________in young chi...
42  cards
1229 Exam 8: Osteogenesis
What is osteogenesis imperfecta oi,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What is the cause of osteogenesis...
18  cards
1229 Exam 8: Mental Retardation
What is mental retardation,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What is the diagnosis of mental r...
13  cards
1229 Exam 8: Congenital Heart
Fetal circulation,
Congenital heart defects,
17  cards

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