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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
What is primary prevention,
What is passive immunity what are...,
What is secondary prevention what...
42  cards
Neurologic disorders
What are the ten cns,
What are the functions of cns i iii,
What are the functions of cns iv vi
81  cards
Skin lesion descriptors
14  cards
Skin disorders
How many grams of topical cream o...,
How many grams of topical cream o...,
How many grams of topical cream o...
80  cards
Eye, ear, nose, and throat problems
What is conjunctivitis and what c...,
Conjunctivitis clinical presentation,
Conjunctivitis treatment
64  cards
Cardiac disorders
How to calculate ascvd risk diffe...,
Making the hypertension diagnosis,
Symptoms of hypertensive emergency
47  cards
Respiratory disorders
What is asthma,
Poor asthma control and flare cli...,
Asthma diagnostic testing diagnos...
51  cards
GI disorders
True false anal fissures commonly...,
Anal fissure treatment and manage...,
What type of hemorrhoids do the s...
82  cards
Examples of,
How do combined hormonal contrace...,
Noncontraceptive benefits of comb...
22  cards
Reproductive system
Lifestyle changes to minimize hot...,
Prescription medications for meno...,
Other medications available to tr...
4  cards
GU and reproductive disorders
Bph clinical presentation,
Bph diagnostic testing,
Bph treatment
66  cards
MSK disorders
Bursitis treatment,
Tendinitis treatment,
Tendonosis chronic state of tendo...
54  cards
Peripheral vascular disease
What is raynaud s phenomenon,
Raynaud s phenomenon clinical pre...,
Raynaud s phenomenon diagnostic t...
24  cards
Endocrine disorders
Diabetes screening recommendations,
Lab indicators of dm,
When is repeat a1c indicated for ...
41  cards
Renal and urinary tract disorders
What are the most common causes o...,
Aki clinical presentation general,
Aki clinical presentation prerena...
35  cards
Hematological and select immunological disorders
True false symptoms of anemia sel...,
Anemia diagnostic testing,
What is the rbc size microcytic v...
28  cards
Psychosocial disorders
How soon after the patient s last...,
What are the three stages of alco...,
Alcohol withdrawal pharmacotherapy
24  cards
Age related changes and condition...,
What is macular degeneration,
Age related changes that should b...
7  cards
Possible red flags for autism spe...,
Possible red flags for autism spe...,
True false fragile x syndrome is ...
46  cards
Full term vs early term vs late t...,
Common signs occurring at 8 weeks...,
Common signs occurring at 10 week...
28  cards

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