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Food Quality Management
Why is food quality control impor...,
How much does the usda estimate f...,
Why is food quality control impor...
69  cards
Basic Health & Safety in Food Services
Why is health and safety so impor...,
What are the impacts of accidents,
What are the provincial laws rega...
26  cards
City of Montreal: Food Service Inspection
Compare montreals food inspection...,
What are the key words in the mis...,
Rank the positions of the food in...
42  cards
Major Food-borne Illnesses
What pathogens are involved in fo...,
Which pathogens are spore forming 3,
Which pathogen is often found in ...
42  cards
Food Labelling
What are the 4 dimensions of food...,
Food labelling is about _____ and...,
In the legal framework what are t...
89  cards
Applying HACCP Principles
Haccp is based on ___,
Define haccp what does it focus on,
What prerequisites does haccp sys...
36  cards
Define and allergen,
Name some allergen stats,
T f there is a cure of food aller...
17  cards
Chemical and Heat Sanitizers
What temp must be reached for hea...,
What does tpd regulate,
What does pmra regulate
44  cards
Regulatory Agencies and Inspections (FST)
Which federal agency is mandated ...,
T f the cfia administers and enfo...,
Describe the relationship between...
17  cards
FST Exam Review
What is the temperature to reheat...,
What are the 3 main driving facto...,
Whats another name for cross cont...
128  cards
Foodservice Engineering Part 1
Name the 3 steps in menu design,
What are the 5 types of locations...,
Which of the following will help ...
35  cards
Recipe Standardization
What produces a consistent qualit...,
A standardized recipe is a recipe...,
What are some advantages of recip...
35  cards
Recipe Standardization Part II
What are the 5 reasons for wantin...,
What are is the 6th reason for wo...,
One achieves food cost control th...
68  cards
Mission, Vision and Values
What are values,
Do values ever change,
Name 3 things that influence the ...
17  cards

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