foundations of medicine

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Exam Revision
Do lymphatic vessels have valves,
Give me the sequential structures...,
Which histological layer of blood...
13  cards
Anatomical Landmarks
0  cards
Week 1
Where is extracellular fluid,
What is it called when ph is too low,
When is mri used
181  cards
Week 2
What is the plasma membrane impor...,
What comprises the phospholipid d...,
Draw the cell membrane why is it ...
191  cards
2.6 (+ Last three of "Week 2")
Why might muscle cells need gap j...,
Where is autocrine signalling seen,
Talk about desmosomes adherens ju...
9  cards
2.9 Tissue Level of Organisation - Tissue Types
Which two types of tissue does th...,
How thick is the basement membrane,
What types of proteins is the bas...
17  cards
2.10 Tissue Level of Organisation - Epithelial; Connective; Muscle; Nervous Tissues
Epithilium classification number ...,
Epithilium classification cell sh...,
Common function of simple squamou...
71  cards
3.1 Structure and Function of Blood Vessels
How much blood do we have,
Is there more blood in veins or a...,
What is meant by systemic circula...
34  cards
3.2 Histology of Blood Vessels
What is contained within the wall...,
Describe the thickness of the tun...,
Describe the thickness of the tun...
41  cards
3.3 Blood
What percentage of blood is made ...,
What is the buffy coat made of wh...,
Serum vs plasma
17  cards
3.4 The Heart
Which chamber of the heart do the...,
Which cavity is the heart found in,
Is the heart anterior or posterio...
64  cards
3.5 Cardiac Electrophysiology & Cardiac Cycle
What are the four components of t...,
Are the cells that create action ...,
Where is the sinoatrial node located
25  cards
3.6 Blood Pressure & Flow
Which is longer systole or diastole,
Is aortic pressure higher during ...,
Is aortic pressure or ventricular...
21  cards
3.7 Homeostatic Regulation of Cardiovascular Function
When is the cardiac output lowest...,
What is the maximum cardiac outpu...,
What is the equation for cardiac ...
19  cards
SBL Week 3 - Learning Issues
What are the different grades of ...,
How do you diagnose high blood pr...,
What are the factors that contrib...
7  cards
Week 4 Ethics: The Four Principles Approach
What are the components of an aut...,
Is autonomy a binary property wha...,
What are the components of an aut...
16  cards
4.1 The Upper Respiratory Tract
Is the larynx in the upper or low...,
Fundamentally what are tonsils,
What is the name given to the pos...
45  cards
4.2 The Lower Respiratory Tract
What is typical tidal volume,
Which muscles help during ventila...,
What kind of muscle is the diaphragm
21  cards
4.3 Lower Respiratory Tract Histology
What are the conduction pathways ...,
What are the gas exchange surface...,
What three main functions of the ...
46  cards
4.4 Mechanisms of Ventilation
Respiration involves which two pr...,
Which muscles are used in respira...,
Which bones are involved in respi...
40  cards
4.5 Gas Exchange and Transport
What is typical tidal volume,
What is typical respiratory rate,
How do you calculate total ventil...
23  cards
4.6 Homeostatic Control of Respiration
Can we consciously influence both...,
In terms of homeostatic regulatio...,
What is cn x
22  cards
Week 4 Pre-Prac
Tidal volume vt or tv,
Minute volume ve or mv,
Residual volume rv
17  cards
Week 1 (Revision-Optimised)
What are the fundamental characte...,
What are the levels of organisati...,
What are the two types of van der...
17  cards
Week 2 (Revision Optimised)
Outline the processes of dna damge,
Outline the processes of dna repair,
When are the three checkpoints du...
11  cards
Week 3 (Revision-Optimised)
What differentiates elastic arter...,
Where would elastic fibres and sm...,
Describe the beginning and end of...
15  cards
Week 4 (Revision-Optimised)
Which sinuses drain into the semi...
1  cards
Week 5 Ethics
What is a fiduciary relationship
1  cards
Smoking Intervention
What are the 5 as of smoking inte...
1  cards
5.1 Organisation of the Nervous System - Divisions and Main Cell Types
What are neuroglial cells,
Which cells make up the,
What does glia mean
46  cards
5.2 Neuronal Communication - Neuronal Membrane & Resting Potentials; Action Potentials
What is an action potential,
What are the three key functions ...,
What is meant by membrane potential
18  cards
5.3 Neuronal Communication - Synapses; Neurotransmission
What is the name given to the neu...,
What are the three structures tha...,
What is the name of the space bet...
30  cards
5.4 Neuro Anatomy and Physiology - CNS Features & Divisions
What are the three main parts of ...,
What are the five divisions of th...,
What is the function of the pons
36  cards
5.5 Neuro Anatomy & Physiology - CNS Functional Areas - CNS Functional Areas; CNS Protective Structures
Describe the folded structure of ...,
What is the name of the fissure t...,
What does cortex mean
41  cards
5.6 Neuro Anatomy & Physiology - Blood Supply of the Brain and Spinal Cord
Roughly how much of the body s to...,
How much atp is produced per mole...,
What does ischaemia mean
15  cards
5.7 Neuro Anatomy & Physiology - Limbic System; Brainstem; Cerebellum
What to types of thought does the...,
In which divisions of the brain a...,
What does limbic mean
30  cards
Ethics Week 6
What are the three core component...,
Is mere agreement enough to warra...,
What is the best judge principle
7  cards
6.1 Neuro Anatomy & Physiology - The Spinal Cord and Motor Control
Fundamentally what is the spinal ...,
What is the diameter of the spina...,
What is the function of the spina...
40  cards
6.2 Neuro Anatomy & Physiology - The Spinal Cord and Somatosensation
What are the four kinds of sensation,
What is the most complex special ...,
What are four kinds of superficia...
40  cards
6.3 Neuro Anatomy & Physiology - The Autonomic Nervous System
What are four organs that the sym...,
Which of the somatic autonomic ne...,
What are the names of the two neu...
37  cards
6.4 Neuro Anatomy & Physiology - Special Senses
What is sensory transduction,
True or false all senses are rela...,
What is a labelled line
87  cards
6.5 - The Skeleton and Bone Tissue - The Human Skeleton
How many bones in an adult human,
Why does our number of bones decr...,
What are the six functions of the...
9  cards
6.6 - The Skeleton & Bone Tissue - Bone and Bone Tissue Structure
What are the two types of bone,
Where is cortical compact bone of...,
Which type of bone contains osteo...
57  cards
6.7 - The Skeleton & Bone Tissue - Bone Growth and Repair
When does ossification begin and end,
What are the two methods of ossif...,
Where is intramembranous ossifica...
15  cards
6.8 Joints - Classification and Movement
What is the surface of a bone tha...,
What are the four structural clas...,
Describe a bony joint
36  cards
6.9 Muscles - The Structure and Function of Muscle Tissue
What are the functions of muscle,
What is the name given to the typ...,
Does the heart need nervous inner...
27  cards
6.10 Muscles - Body Movements and Muscle Development
What percentage of our bodyweight...,
What is the name of the join betw...,
What is the name of the join betw...
14  cards
Mid-Semester Test Points for Improvement
Draw a baroreceptor reflex mech f...,
Draw the circle of willis,
What is the cingulum
9  cards
7.1 Main Endocrine Glands and Hormone Types
What are target cells,
Explain the mechanism of histamin...,
What is the name of neurotransmit...
17  cards
7.2 Hormone Mechanisms of Action and Regulation
What is an amplifier enzyme,
What is the name of the reactions...,
Under what circumstances can ster...
13  cards
7.3 The Pancreas, Insulin and Glucagon
How long is the pancreas,
Where in the abdomen does the pan...,
What is the structure that connec...
28  cards
7.4 Hypothalamus and Pituitary
Draw a diagram of the hypothalamu...,
Which of the anterior posterior p...,
Describe the mechanism by which h...
30  cards
7.5 Growth Hormones and Gonadotropins
What is the target organ of growt...,
Why isn t getting fat the same as...,
How does cortisol influence prote...
36  cards
7.6 Thyroid and Parathyroid
What is the width of the hypothal...,
What cells make up most of the th...,
What is the name of the middle of...
32  cards
7.7 Adrenal Glands, Adrenaline & Cortisol
What type of hormones do the adre...,
What are the three zones of the a...,
Where in the adrenal cortex are c...
44  cards
Week 8 Clinprac
What are the two ways to subdivid...,
What structures are in the right ...,
What structures are in the left u...
17  cards
8.1 Organs of the Digestive System
Is the abdominal cavity distinct ...,
Are the majority of organs intrap...,
What vertebrae does the transtube...
53  cards
8.2 Overview of Digestive System Functions
What is the function of the diges...,
What is the process by which food...,
What percentage of the food we in...
38  cards
8.3 The Mouth, Oesophagus & Stomach
What type of muscle is the tongue...,
What is the purpose of chewing,
Describe the composition of saliva
77  cards
8.4 The Small Intestine, Pancreas, Liver & Gallbladder
Describe segmental activity of th...,
Why does chyme gradually move thr...,
Describe the gastroileal reflex
52  cards
8.5 Digestion, Absorption & Transport of Macronutrients
What is lactose broken into,
What does amylase break polysacch...,
Describe the action of an sglt1 t...
27  cards
8.6 The Large Intestine
What are some components of faeces,
What are the pouches of the small...,
What is the main histological dif...
31  cards
8.8 Fuel Metabolism, Energy & Nutrition Requirements
Define metabolism,
List the macronutrients,
List the micronutrients
22  cards
9.1 Overview of the Urinary System
List five functions of the kidneys,
Which kidney is superior to the o...,
Which structure protect the kidneys
30  cards
9.2 Blood Flow to the Kidneys; The Nephron; Urine formation, concentration & hormone influences
Describe the passage of blood thr...,
What are the three main component...,
What are the three processes with...
45  cards
9.3 Glomerular Filtration Rate
Why does it make sense that sympa...,
What is average glomerular filtra...,
Is gfr same for men and women
7  cards
9.4 Body Fluid; Blood Pressure Regulation, Electrolyte Balance & Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS)
Are men or women made up of more ...,
What percentage of body fluids ar...,
What percentage of extracellular ...
30  cards
9.5 Medications that affect the Kidneys
What do diuretics do,
What is the danger of diuretics w...,
Basic mech of diuretic action
14  cards
9.6 Micturition; Autonomic Bladder Innervation; Renal Pathologies
When does the urge to urinate app...,
At what capacity do detrusor musc...,
Under what situations will openin...
35  cards
10.1 Introduction to body defences
List the five components of the s...,
List the four components of the s...,
List the five components of the c...
49  cards
10.2 The Innate Immune System
What types of barriers exist with...,
Is the epidermis permeable to bac...,
How does sebum play a role in kil...
33  cards
10.3 Cells and Tissues of the Immune System
Which two lineages can haematopoi...,
Draw a diagram of lymphoid progen...,
Where are t cells made where do t...
27  cards
10.4 The Adaptive Immune System: Humoral & Cell-Mediated Immunity
Can cd4 and cd8 t cells recognise...,
What is the role of major histoco...,
Draw a diagram of antigen process...
43  cards
10.5 Vaccination Mechanics
What is a live attenuated vaccine,
Vaccination vs immunisation,
Which type of vaccine attenuated ...
24  cards
10.6 Inflammation
What is inflammation,
Is the end product tissue after i...,
Describe the four phases of the i...
68  cards
10.7 Autoimmunity and Hypersensitivity
What is a hypersensitivity reaction,
What is type 1 hypersensitivity a...,
Which ig isotype mediates type i ...
19  cards
11.1 Structure and Classification of Bacteria
Do prokaryotes or eukaryotes have...,
List the two kinds of acellular m...,
What do the subgroupings of bacte...
38  cards
11.2 Bacterial Pathogenicity, Growth and Antibiotics
Which surfaces of a host do comme...,
What are two benefits to the host...,
How do commensal bacteria usually...
44  cards
11.3 Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing for Bacteria
Draw the diagnostic schema,
What is the importance of sensiti...,
What is the importance of specifi...
20  cards
11.4 Structure of Viruses
How do viruses grow and divide,
Why must all viruses make mrna,
What characterises a non envelope...
14  cards
11.5 Viral Life Cycles and Replication
Do viruses infect random cells,
Is viral entry active or passive,
What is the role of viral entry
19  cards
11.6 Viral Transmission and Pathogenesis
Describe direct virus transmissio...,
Describe two mechanisms of indire...,
Describe three kinds of transmiss...
41  cards
11.7 Epidemiology of Viruses
What is epidemiology,
Three main aims of epidemiology,
What two kinds of transmission ar...
8  cards
11.8 Controlling Infections
Give five aspects of control meas...,
List four strategies for mosquito...,
Do vaccinations prevent exposure ...
8  cards
11.9 Diagnostic Virology
What factors affect the samples w...,
Common route of transmission of e...,
Common samples for enteric viruses
8  cards
11.10 Medical Mycology & Parasitology
Why are fungi considered very sim...,
Why are fungi considered very sim...,
Are fungi eukaryotes or prokaroytes
20  cards
11.11 Emerging Infectious Diseases
Give two overarching reasons why ...,
Cross species infection is a comm...,
Are all emerging viruses sustaine...
11  cards
12.1 Male Reproductive System - Introduction
List the functions of the male re...,
Primary vs secondary sex hormones,
Describe the structure of the scr...
77  cards
12.2 Female Reproductive System - Introduction
Describe the size and shape of ov...,
Where are ovaries located is this...,
Are ovaries exocrine endocrine or...
88  cards
12.3 Fertilisation and Implantation
What are the two outcomes of capa...,
Why are there millions of sperm i...,
What hazards does a sperm face on...
14  cards
12.4 Embryo Development
What are the three stages of pren...,
How long is the germinal period,
How long is the embryonic period
35  cards
12.5 Placenta
What is apposition,
Describe the orientation of the b...,
How do gases and urea pass throug...
22  cards
12.6 Fetal Development and Transition
What are the five stages of lung ...,
Which layer of the embryo is lung...,
What is mesenchyme
23  cards
12.7 Pregnancy
True or false metabolic changes d...,
Describe the shift in type of met...,
Describe metabolic changes during...
12  cards
13.1 Genetic Fundamentals
What does it mean that dna strand...,
What are some clinical implicatio...,
17  cards
13.2 Genetics and Inheritance
What is the name of the genes on ...,
What is an inactivated x chromoso...,
When does x inactivation occur in...
13  cards
13.3 Genetic Variability and Disease
How many genes in the human mitoc...,
Define genetic variation,
What is a genetic polymorphism
51  cards
13.4 Cancer
What are somatic mutations,
What structure is somatic tumour ...,
List some hallmarks of cancer
35  cards

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