foundations of nursing

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Steps for donning ppe,
Steps for doffing ppe,
Your sterile glove packaging is o...
5  cards
Professional Nursing
What is florence nightingale know...,
What is dorothea dix known for,
What is clara barton known for
14  cards
Asepsis and Infection Control
A nurse is caring for a client wi...,
What is the easiest way to preven...,
38  cards
Moving a joint toward the middle ...,
Moving a joint away from the midl...,
Decreasing angle between two bones
70  cards
Documentation or reporting proves...,
Documentation or reporting verbal...,
Documentation or reporting includ...
25  cards
Self Care
Ways immobility causes lung changes,
Psychosocial benefits of bathing,
Purpose of sitz bath
47  cards
Foundations Weeks 1-3
Thanks Emily S for the deck!
124  cards
Which macronutrient provides ener...,
Normal fasting blood glucose fasting,
Normal blood glucose 2 hours afte...
92  cards
Nursing Process
Six phases of the nursing process,
Where does data come from,
Four phases of the interview process
14  cards
Skin Integrity and Wound Healing
The nurse is caring for a client ...,
Function of melanin and sebum,
Ways skin promotes thermoregulation
68  cards
Sleep and Sensory
The nurse is caring for a client ...,
3 components of sleep health,
3 consequences of poor sleep
64  cards
Medication Administration
16  cards
Name the white blood cell ingest ...,
Name the white blood cell allergi...,
Name the white blood cell unknown...
40  cards
Community Health
A nurse performs a home health vi...,
A nurse is based in a clinic what...,
A nurse evaluates trends across t...
16  cards
Exam 2 Kahoots
What is true about carbohydrates ...,
What is an example of a fat solub...,
Keritization occurs from a defici...
14  cards
The higher the altitude the highe...,
At high altitudes respirations wi...,
Alcohol barbituates benzodiazepin...
83  cards
Supplemental Questions: Exam 2
Thanks Tucker, Matt, and Kaitlyn!
500  cards
Supplemental Questions Part 2: Exam 2
Thanks Tucker!
279  cards
Urinary Elimination
Minimum volume of urine per hour,
T f clear urine could look cloudy...,
Minimum volume of urine per 24 hours
55  cards
Fecal Elimination
Duodenocolic reflex,
Cause of black tarry stool
40  cards
Which type of fluid is given with...,
Hyper iso hypo tonic d5 in water,
Hyper iso hypotonic d5 1 2 normal...
66  cards
Impaired speech related to motor ...,
Complete or partial loss of langu...,
How would a patient with delirium...
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foundations of nursing

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