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Normal Ranges for Vitals Signs / ATI / EOCHQ
Normal body temp for adults,
Normal beats per minute pulse for...,
What are the phases of korotkoff ...
84  cards
Key Highlights from VS lecture
Rectal temperature is accurate bu...,
How is the tympanic temperature c...,
If the pt has taken cold or hot f...
27  cards
Key Highlights from Cardio Lecture
Common valve issues come from whi...,
Which cells and lab values are af...,
What are modifiable risk factors
26  cards
Cardio EOCQ / Notes
What are the normal lab values of...,
What is cardiac output,
What is the normal cardiac output
9  cards
Pain Assessment and Management Notes
What is nociceptive pain,
What is neuropathic pain,
What factors affect pain experience
39  cards
Vital Sign EOCHQ and ATI
The client s temperature at 8 00 ...,
Which client meets the criteria f...,
When the nurse enters a client s ...
20  cards
Pain ATI and EOCHQ
Shortness of breath,
A nurse is planning to administer...,
A nursing is caring for a client ...
17  cards
Immune and Asepsis Notes
Standard precautions apply to wha...,
What type of room does a pt with ...,
What type of rom does a pt with d...
64  cards
Key Highlights from Immune and Asepsis Lecture
Standard precautions apply to wha...,
List nosocomial hais,
List the chain of infection
26  cards
Immune and Asepsis EOCHQ and ATI
The client is a chronic carrier o...,
Which is the most effective nursi...,
In caring for a client on contact...
17  cards
Key Highlights from Nursing Process Lecture
List the different type of reasoning,
Describe socrative reasoning,
Describe indcutive reasoning
33  cards
Nursing Process Notes
In the cognitive domain of learni...,
What is dynamic about the nursing...,
In the assessment phase what occurs
38  cards
Bedside Mini Health Assessment
When assessing the nasal cannula ...,
When palpating the iv a normal fi...,
Define infiltration
19  cards
Activity and Exercise (Musculoskeletal System) Lecture Key Highlights
55  cards
ATI Communication Practice Quiz/ Final Quiz
A nurse is caring for a client wh...,
A nurse informs the mother of a p...,
A nurse is admitting a client who...
25  cards
Activity and Exercise EOCHQ
To increase stability during clie...,
Isotonic exercises such as walkin...,
Five minutes after the pts first ...
10  cards
Communication EOCHQ
A student nurse is caring for a 7...,
Place the following descriptions ...,
The nurse who uses appropriate th...
10  cards
Communication Lecture
Who is at more risk for suicide a...,
What is intimate personal space,
What is p
31  cards
Grief Loss Death EOCHQ
10  cards
Evidence Based Practice EOCHQ_PPW
Which of the following is the low...,
A quantitative research approach ...,
A qualitiative research approach ...
21  cards
Grief Loss Death Lecture
Define abbreviated grief,
Define anticipatory grief,
Define complicated grief
27  cards
Activity And Exercise Chapter Notes (Book Objectives)
The basic elements of normal move...,
Proper alignment while sitting st...,
With an immobile pt their joints ...
29  cards
Communication Book Notes And Chapter Module
Factors that influence communicat...,
List techniques for therapeutic c...,
List the four phases of the helpi...
15  cards
Caring Lecture Notes
All professions have this,
Boykins concept is,
Mayeroff concept
6  cards
Health Assessment Book Module and Lecture Notes
The sitting position is used to a...,
The supine position is used to as...,
The semi fowler position is used ...
12  cards
Health Assessment EOCHQ
What is a normal finding on auscu...,
The nurse positions a pt sitting ...,
After auscultating the abdomen th...
10  cards
Evidence Based Practice (Pearson)
The nurse is participating in a r...,
The nurse researcher who is emplo...,
The nurse is asked to explain the...
33  cards
Communication (Pearson)
Which should be viewed as an appr...,
A pt reports to having no hx of s...,
The nurse responds to a pts call ...
26  cards
Safety (Pearson)
The nurse prepares teaching mater...,
The nurse accompanies a pt to a r...,
The home care nurse notices that ...
25  cards
Grief Loss Death (Pearson)
An adult patient reports a parent...,
The family of a patient who is dy...,
A patient whose only child has di...
30  cards
Safety EOCHQ_lecture notes
A nurse sees smoke emerging from ...,
A nurse who is teaching a group o...,
An 87 y o man is admitted to the ...
13  cards
Caring (Pearson)
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
The nurse is asked about the conc...,
The nurse sees a patient grimace ...
33  cards
Caring EOCHQ
Which example best illustrates th...,
The nurse teaches the pt with dia...,
The six c s of caring framework w...
10  cards
Health Assessment (Pearson)
A patient has a stool that is bla...,
For which reason should the techn...,
The nurse finds that a child has ...
8  cards
Activity and Exercise (Pearson)
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
A patient is prescribed the use o...
26  cards
Fluid Electrolyte and Acid Base Balance (Pearson)_Key highlights
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
The nurse prepares teaching mater...,
The nurse is preparing a blood pr...
37  cards
Fluid Electrolyte and Acid Base Balance EOCHQ
An older nursing home resident ha...,
A man brings his elderly wife to ...,
The nurse administers and iv solu...
12  cards
Nutrition EOCHQ
0  cards
Fecal Elimination Power Point
Clients should be taught that rep...,
Which statement provides evidence...,
A pt is scheduled for a colonosco...
95  cards
Type 1 diabetes requires ___________,
Type 2 the body _________ insulin,
Lab tests used in the dx of diabetes
53  cards
Define nutrients,
Define nutritive value,
What are the major functions of n...
79  cards
Wound Collection Retain
What are they two types of testin...,
What does a sensitivity wound cul...,
What does a wound culture determine
73  cards
Skin Integrity + Hygiene
A pt has an injured foot which ty...,
Hot and cold therapy have a rebou...,
What type of infection does leuko...
88  cards

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