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When the web started,
What was the first network what w...,
When the world wide web was proposed
31  cards
What was the purpose of htlm in t...,
What is the most common client fo...,
What the difference between uri a...
36  cards
Why css,
Why creating an external css file,
Who maintains css
92  cards
Whats bootstrap,
Can themes of bootstrap be used t...,
Where to download bootstrap
57  cards
UX Intro
What does steve jobs say about de...,
What is ux,
What makes a bad ux
43  cards
How to generate borders easly,
How to easily generate lorem ipsu...,
How to create a html element with...
3  cards
Creating Page Layouts with CSS
What does semantic tags do to our...,
What is the do not lie metatag,
What are the four most used seman...
29  cards
CSS Grid
What is css grid and what it repl...,
When was it introduced what about...,
How to make old browsers support ...
48  cards
What is typescript and why i cant...,
What typescript compiles aka tran...,
What are the three main benefits ...
74  cards
Creating Forms in HTML
What are the three basic elements...,
Which vscode extension allow auto...,
What is the type of the input tha...
24  cards
Creating Responsive Pages with CSS FlexBox
Why does flexbox exist what does ...,
What are the two main actors on f...,
What s flexbox container
27  cards
What is the problem with spas,
What are the 5 steps that the spa...,
Since server side rendering fixes...
16  cards

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front end software development

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