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Ethics & Values; Legal Issues - Nursing Fun Ch 44 and 45
What is the definition of moral b...,
What is the definition of ethics,
What is the definition of bioethics
53  cards
Sleep And Rest
What is sleep,
What is the main characteristic o...,
What is the difference between sl...
42  cards
Vital Signs - Nrsg Fun Ch 17
What is the normal rang for a rec...,
What is the ideal average for an ...,
What is the ideal average for a r...
49  cards
Color expected finding,
Color too light,
Color too dark
31  cards
Promoting Asepsis and Infection Control - Nursing Fun Ch 20
What are the links in chain of in...,
What are possible infectious agents,
What is a reservoir
77  cards
Urinary Elimination - Nursing Fun Ch 27
The function of the kidneys is to,
The function of the ureters is to,
The function of the bladder is to
32  cards
Critical Thinking - Nursing Fun Ch. 2
What is independent thinking,
What is intellectual curiosity,
What is intellectual humility
17  cards
Nursing Process: Assessment - Nursing Fun Ch 3
What is the difference between a ...,
An assessment is,
What is the joint commissions sta...
9  cards
Pain - NRSG Fun Ch 30
Name some of the non verbal cues ...,
What are the changes to vs r t ac...,
What are the changes to vs r t de...
35  cards quiz questions
What is an integrated plan of care,
You are assessing a clients risk ...,
4as you prepare to take a clients...
89  cards
Loss, Grief and Dying
Actual loss is,
Physical loss is,
External loss is
27  cards
Urinary Elimination
Glomerular filtration ratewhen do...,
Specific gravity,
49  cards
What is stress,
What are the differences between ...,
What is the difference between st...
42  cards
Perioperative nursing,
Perioperative safety,
Never events
17  cards
Circulation, chambers, conducting system
What are the 3 cusps of the aorti...,
Right coronary artery,
What are the branches of the left...
44  cards
Cardiac Output 1 & 2
What is the cardiac output,
What is the cardiac index,
To which muscle organ does the ma...
29  cards
Bowel Elimination
Vascular maneuver,
Bowel training
29  cards
Chapter 30 Sensory
A patient must place his hand on ...,
Which medication might blunt a pa...,
A patient complains everything ta...
23  cards
Chapter 48: Skin Integrity and Wound Care
The nurse is working on a medical...,
The nurse is caring for a patient...,
Which nursing observation will in...
51  cards
Integumentary Vocab
29  cards
Skin integrity and wound care
What are the primary functions of...,
What are some factors that affect...,
What are some factors that place ...
55  cards
F&E Chart Broken Down
What are normal sodium na levels,
What is the function of sodium na,
What is sodiums na regulation
57  cards
What is a normal bmi,
What is an underweight bmi,
What is an overweight bmi
38  cards
Oxygen and respiratory failure
In what 2 ways is oxygen transpor...,
What is type 1 respiratory failure,
What is type 2 respiratory failure
66  cards

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