fundamentals final exam (p.q.'s)

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Spirituality (41)
When planning care for an older c...,
A client s wife asks the nurse to...,
A client is experiencing severe p...
10  cards
Culturally Responsive Nursing Care (18)
The major factor contributing to ...,
Which behavior is an initial step...,
In initiating care for a client f...
10  cards
Promoting Family Health (24)
Because a severely injured middle...,
Examine figures 24 3 and 24 4 on ...,
What should a nurse instruct a cl...
10  cards
Self-Concept (39)
Sally is 5 7 weighs 105 lb and be...,
Students juggling the responsibil...,
An appropriate desired outcome fo...
10  cards
Concepts of Growth and Development (20)
The parents of a 5 month old infa...,
The nurse knows that the study of...,
The nurse examines a 2 year old c...
10  cards
Promoting Health from Conception Through Adolescence (21)
The parent of an 8 month old girl...,
Four year old angie whose grandmo...,
Because near drowning is one of t...
10  cards
Promoting Health in Young and Middle-Aged Adults (22)
Because a 45 year old woman is wo...,
A nurse is planning a teaching se...,
A woman is seen at her primary ca...
10  cards
Promoting Health in Older Adults (23)
The nurse provides care for an ol...,
A nurse in a long term care facil...,
The nurse observes that an 85 yea...
10  cards
Sexuality (40)
Clients may be unlikely to introd...,
A nurse receives information that...,
In conducting client teaching the...
10  cards
Health Assessment (30)
Which is a normal finding on ausc...,
The nurse positions the client si...,
After auscultating the abdomen th...
10  cards
Grief and Loss (43)
Which of the following may be con...,
A client s family tells the nurse...,
The shift changed while the nursi...
10  cards
NCLEX Psychological & Developmental Variables
A mother complains that her 13 ye...,
A 21 year old who has just gradua...,
A mother is frustrated because he...
11  cards
NCLEX Spirituality
As defined by nanda which of the ...,
Spirituality can best be defined as,
Which of the following best defin...
20  cards
NCLEX Legal and Ethical Considerations
Which statement would best explai...,
Which factor is least significant...,
Transcultural nursing implies 1
19  cards
NCLEX Growth and Development
A maternity nurse is providing in...
1  cards
Pain Management (46)
During the transduction phase of ...,
When a client has arrived at the ...,
A client who describes his pain a...
10  cards
Skin Integrity and Wound Care (36)
Your client has a braden scale sc...,
Proper technique for performing a...,
A client has a pressure ulcer wit...
10  cards
Activity and Exercise (44)
To increase stability during clie...,
Isotonic exercises such as walkin...,
Five minutes after the client s f...
10  cards
Sleep (45)
A client has a history of sleep a...,
Because of significant concerns a...,
A client reports to the nurse tha...
9  cards
Nutrition (47)
Which of the following nursing di...,
An adult reports usually eating t...,
Which of the following are allowe...
10  cards
Urinary Elimination (48)
0  cards
Fecal Elimination (49)
0  cards
Perioperative Nursing (37)
0  cards
Sensory Perception (38)
Which client is at greatest risk ...,
An alert 80 year old client is tr...,
The nursing diagnosis risk for im...
21  cards
Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance (52)
An older nursing home resident ha...,
A man brings his elderly wife to ...,
The nurse administers an iv solut...
10  cards
Fluid and Electrolyte Balance (Lecture ?'s)
Which of the following are,
Which of the following are princi...,
Higher osmolality than body fluids
32  cards
Google Drive Final ?'s
A home care nurse assesses a clie...,
A 1000ml intravenous iv solution ...,
A client with a burn injury is tr...
21  cards
Oxygenation (50)
A client with chronic pulmonary d...,
To prevent postoperative complica...,
The nurse is preparing to perform...
10  cards

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