fundamentals of physics

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Chapter 12: Solids
Mullers micrograph shown in the c...,
The crystals that make up mineral...,
The crystals that make up mineral...
24  cards
Chapter 13: Liquids
Water pressure is greatest agains...,
The pressure in a liquid depends ...,
The mass of a cubic meter of wate...
17  cards
Chapter 14: Gases
About what percentage of the mole...,
What is the approximate mass of a...,
A balloon is buoyed up with a for...
16  cards
Chapter 15: Heat
When you touch a cold piece of ic...,
Which of the following normally w...,
A substance that heats up relativ...
25  cards
Chapter 16: Heat Transfer
Metals are both good heat conduct...,
Your feet feel warmer on a rug th...,
Warm air rises because faster mov...
28  cards
Chapter 17: Change of Phase
Steam burns are more damaging tha...,
When a gas is changed to a liquid...,
As atmospheric pressure is increa...
42  cards
Chapter 19: Vibrations and Waves
The waveform traced by simple har...,
For a wave or vibration the maxim...,
The distance between successive c...
34  cards
Chapter 20: Sound
The highness or lowness of a tone...,
Describes a sound that has a freq...,
Describes a sound that has a freq...
28  cards
Chapter 22: Electrostatics
Which force binds atoms together ...,
In an electrically neutral atom t...,
Strip electrons from an atom and ...
64  cards
Chapter 23: Electric Current
Electrons are made to flow in a w...,
Which statement is correct a char...,
Heat a copper wire and its electr...
57  cards
Chapter 24: Magnetism
The source of all magnetism is a ...,
Moving electric charges will inte...,
An iron rod becomes magnetic when
34  cards
Chapter 1: About Science
Science is a body of knowledge th...,
Eratosthenes learned about the po...,
The easiest way for you to measur...
10  cards
Chapter 2: Newton’s First Law of Motion-Inertia
Whereas aristotle relied on logic...,
The scientist to first introduce ...,
Galileo discredited aristotles in...
10  cards
Chapter 3: Linear Motion
The two measurements necessary fo...,
A car maintains a constant veloci...,
A hockey puck is set in motion ac...
10  cards
Chapters 4 & 5: Newton’s Second and Third Laws of Motion
Which has the greater mass a an a...,
If one object has twice as much m...,
Whenever the net force on an obje...
10  cards
Chapter 6: Momentum
Which of the following has the la...,
When two objects interact conserv...,
Suppose that a tiny gun made of a...
10  cards
Chapter 7: Energy
If you push for a half hour or a ...,
If you push an object a given dis...,
If you do work on an object in on...
10  cards
Section 1
In science an educated guess is a,
In science a theory is a an educa...,
Science is a body of knowledge th...
49  cards
Section 2
______ are the smallest subdivisi...,
Which of the following is not a m...,
A force that determines the chemi...
50  cards
Chapter 26: Properties of Light
Most of the waves in the electrom...,
The fact that light travels at 30...,
Which of these electromagnetic wa...
31  cards
Chapter 28: Reflection and Refraction
Light will almost always travel f...,
The amount of light reflected fro...,
The shortest plane mirror in whic...
40  cards
Chapter 30: Light Emission
Light from a lit match comes from,
A pulse of electromagnetic radiat...,
Atoms of neon in a glass tube can...
34  cards
Section 3
When you touch a cold piece of ic...,
A substance that heats up relativ...,
Heat energy is measured in units of
50  cards
Section 4
The force that binds atoms togeth...,
The fundamental force underlying ...,
A fundamental rule of electricity...
50  cards

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