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Population case studies
Nigeria overall population size,
What was nigeria s population in ...,
16  cards
Settlement dynamics case studies
Rural challenges in hics,
Threlkeld what percentage of home...
15  cards
Hazards Case Studies
Montserrat where is it,
Why do people choose to live in v...,
Example of successful manage my
50  cards
Settlement dynamics: Transport case studies (Alessio)
Where does it connect what do the...,
Challenges of the elizabeth line,
Evaluation of the elizabeth line
6  cards
Migration case studies (Alessio)
What is happening in china,
China pull factors,
Push factors
10  cards
Environmental management case studies
Case study one named located sche...,
What is the land in northern indi...,
What is the size of the land requ...
20  cards
Arid environments Case Study
What are the physical problems fa...,
How have increasing temperatures ...,
How has sporadic rainfall impacte...
14  cards
Volcanoes (Unfinished)
Case study + Landforms
7  cards
Rocks and weathering
Freeze thaw weathering,
Heating and cooling weathering,
Salt crystalisation
26  cards
Global interdependence (all spec content)
What is the difference between a ...,
Which country is the top visible ...,
What is the overall trend in glob...
37  cards
Global interdependence case studies
Galapagos where are they located,
Galapagos why are they a popular ...,
Galapagos what have the trends in...
22  cards
Hydrology and Fluvial Geomorphology content
What are the inputs into the drai...,
What are the outputs in the drain...,
What are the stores in the draina...
71  cards
Hydrology and fluvial geomorphology (case studies)
Keswick how much rainfall occured...,
Keswick meteorological conditions...,
35  cards
Atmosphere and weathering (content)
Diurnal energy budgets, The global energy budget, Weather processes and phenomena, The human impact
36  cards
Rocks and weathering (case studies)
Hk how is the climate and landscape,
Factors increasing landslide vuln...,
Hk how much of the land in the ci...
21  cards
Migration case studies (Ben)
Syria causes of migration,
Syria nature of migration,
Syria how are syrian refugees dis...
12  cards
Settlement Dynamics case studies (Alessio)
Rural challenges in hics,
Threlkeld what percentage of home...
12  cards
Turkiye Earthquakes (8 marker)
7  cards

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