gcse aqa history

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Russia 1894-1945: end of tsardom
Name the tsarist methods of contr...,
What was the autocratic government,
Who were the nobility
25  cards
Russia 1894-1945: stalin's USSR
How did stalin become leader of t...,
Why were the purges created and w...,
What occured in the show trials
45  cards
GCSE MOCK- Stalin's leadership & success
How did stalin become the leader ...,
How did stalin ensure that he was...,
When did the purges beign and how...
18  cards
Russia 1894-1945: lenins new society
Who were the provisional government,
What did lenin do when he heard a...,
What was lenin s slogans
17  cards
Conflict & Tension in Asia: conflict in korea
Why were the usa and the ussr rivals,
How did the differences of the ru...,
What happened as a result of the ...
46  cards
Conflict & Tension in Asia: escalation if conflict in vietnam
Before the second world war he wa...,
During the war who conquered viet...,
After the second world war what o...
64  cards
Conflict & Tension in Asia: the ending of conflict in Vietnam
Who was campaigning to become pre...,
Who was elected president in the ...,
What did nixon promise as the new...
46  cards
GCSE MOCK- stolypin's policies
Who was peter stolypin,
What approach did stolypin implem...,
What was the carrot approach
10  cards
GCSE MOCK- Oct/ Nov Revolution 1917 (Bolshevik Revolution)
Who were the bolsheviks,
Who came into power after tsars a...,
Who were the provisional government
30  cards
Successes of Stalins leadership
How was economy successful,
How was social successful,
How was war successful
5  cards
What social impacts did world war...,
What economic impacts did world w...
2  cards
Elizabethan England
Why did elizabeth face opposition...,
When was robert devereux born and...,
When was the earl of essex introd...
11  cards
Elizabethan England- Puritans
What was elizabeths religious set...,
Who were the puritanswhy were the...,
What did the puritans want to occ...
25  cards
Elizabethan England- Mary Queen of Scots
How did many english protestants ...,
What happened to mary when she ar...,
What plot was being planned in 15...
7  cards
Elizabethan England- Theatre
What was theatre like at the star...,
When and where were the first thr...,
Who were plays performed by
7  cards
Summer Assessment 3
What occurred at kent state unive...,
How many people were killed in th...,
What were the impacts of the kent...
4  cards

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