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What is the equation that links d...,
What is the equation that links,
What is the equation that links
32  cards
Topic 1 - Key Concepts in Physics COMPLETE PK
What are si units,
What is the si unit for length,
What is the si unit for mass
38  cards
Topic 2 - Motion and Forces COMPLETE PK
1 runner a finishes a race in les...,
2 what two measurements are neede...,
3 what is the si unit for speed
133  cards
Topic 3 - Conservation of Energy
1 what is the unit for measuring ...,
2 what is the name for energy sto...,
3 how is energy transferred from ...
55  cards
Topic 4 & 5 - Waves and Light and the EM Spectrum
1 name three different types of wave,
2 what property of a wave does th...,
3 what are the units for wavelength
76  cards
Topic 6 - Radioactivity
1 what is the difference between ...,
2 what is an element,
3 what is the part in the middle ...
71  cards
Topic 7 & 8 - Forces Doing Work and Forces and their Effects COMPLETE PK
1 what are the units for energy,
2 how is energy transferred to a ...,
3 how is energy transferred away ...
88  cards
Topic 9 - Electricity and Circuits COMPLETE PK
1 what word describes materials t...,
2 what word describes materials t...,
3 what components do you need to ...
160  cards
Topic 10 & 11 - Magnetism and the Motor Effect and Electromagnetic Induction
1 what are the two ends of a bar ...,
2 name two magnetic materials,
3 what happens if you arrange two...
50  cards
Topic 12 & 13 - The Particle Model and Forces and Matter 12 COMPLETE PK
1 name the three states of matter,
2 which of the three states of ma...,
3 why can gases be compressed
104  cards

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