gcse edexcel history - medicine through time section b

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c1250-c1500: Ideas about the cause of disease and illness
Supernatural and religious explan...,
Theory of four humours hippocrate...,
6  cards
c1250-c1500: Approaches to treatment and prevention
Treating disease religious and su...,
Treating disease humoural treatme...,
Treating disease humoural treatme...
14  cards
c1250-c1500: Dealing with the Black Death
Causes religious and supernatural
11  cards
c1500-c1700: Ideas about the cause of disease and illness
Causes of change
9  cards
c1500-c1700: Approaches to prevention and treatment
Change in treatment,
Continuity in treatment,
Change in prevention
9  cards
c1500-c1700: Dealing with the Great Plague in London
Causes supernatural,
Causes miasma
6  cards
c1700-c1900: Ideas about the cause of disease and illness
Spontaneous generation germ theory,
Factors affecting the understandi...
8  cards
c1700-c1900: Approaches to prevention and treatment
Caring for the sick hospitals,
Treatment anaesthetics
8  cards
Fighting cholera in London, 1854
Attempts to prevent the spread,
John snow
4  cards
c1900-present: Ideas about the cause of disease and illness
Advances genetics,
Advances lifestyle and health
5  cards
c1900-present: Approaches of prevention and treatment
Treatment magic bullets,
Treatment antibiotics,
Impact of science and technology
6  cards
Fleming, Florey and Chain's development of penicillin
Alexander fleming,
Florey and chain,
Mass production of penicillin
5  cards
The fight against lung cancer in the 21st century
The use of science and technology...,
The use of science and technology...
4  cards

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gcse edexcel history - medicine through time section b

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