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Of Mice and Men - Dates
When was the book published rough...,
When was the wallstreet crash,
When was john steinbeck born
7  cards
Of Mice and Men - Places
Where was john steinbeck born,
What town were george and lennie ...,
Where is of mice and men set
6  cards
Of Mice and Men - General Questions
What is unusual about george and ...,
What influenced john steinbeck,
What is the poem to a mouse about
5  cards
Of Mice and Men - Characters
Which two characters do not face ...,
What animal associations is lenni...,
Which characters face disability ...
10  cards
Of Mice and Men - Themes
What are the two major themes in ...,
Explain how explain how george re...,
Why does lennie get angry at crooks
10  cards
Of Mice and Men - Symbols
What does the bunkhouse represent,
What does crooks room represent,
What does the barn represent
6  cards
Of Mice and Men - Structure
What is special about the structu...,
What is an allegory,
What does steinbeck use to convey...
4  cards
An Inspector Calls - Dates
When was the play set,
When was the play written,
Why are the dates of when the pla...
3  cards
An Inspector Calls - General Questions
0  cards
An Inspector Calls - Characters
Characters are also known as ____...,
What are the 7 deadly sins shown ...,
Who are is the only character s w...
10  cards
An Inspector Calls - Themes
How is the theme of the seven dea...,
How is the theme of old vs young ...
2  cards
An Inspector Calls - Symbols
0  cards
An Inspector Calls - Structure
The story has a cyclical structur...
1  cards

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