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Angles - Term 1
What is the rule for angles on a ...,
What is the rule for angle around...,
What is the rule for vertically o...
24  cards
Fractions - Term 1
What are equivalent fractions,
How do you make an equivalent fra...,
What is an integer
15  cards
Circle Theorem - Term 1
What does a tangent do,
What do a tangent and a radius me...,
What is the rule for tangents on ...
13  cards
LCM And HCF- Term 1
What is the highest common factor,
How many numbers are in a factor,
What are the first nine prime num...
7  cards
Indicies- Term 1
A m x a n,
A m a n,
A m n
4  cards
Powers- Term 1
What is the rule for fractional p...,
Evaluate 64 2 3,
Evaluate 4 2
4  cards
Simplifying and Expanding- Term 2
Simplify by collecting like terms...,
Simplify by collecting like terms...,
Simplify by collecting like terms...
15  cards
Factorising- Term 2
Factorise 8x 20,
Factorise 15y 10a 5,
Factorise 6a 3ab
18  cards
Decimals- Term 2
What is 234 x 45,
613 x 42,
658 3
39  cards
Surds and decimals and stuff- Term 2
What is a surd,
What is the surd law,
Simplify 75
15  cards
Rounding To Significant Figures
42x10 4 x 3x10 2 give your answer...,
What is the first significant figure,
4734 what is the first significan...
12  cards
How do you estimate,
Estimate 352 x 5189,
Estimate 651x461 049
3  cards
Compound Measures
What is the equation off speed,
What is the equation for distance,
What is the equation for time
31  cards
25cm inches,
8km miles,
1m inches
17  cards
Solving Equations
Solve 3x 4 11,
Solve 3x 4 1 10,
Solve 5 2x 10
31  cards
Equation Of A Line
Draw the line y 2x 1 between 3,
What is the equation for every st...,
In y mx c what does m tell you wh...
20  cards
Pythagorus Theorem
What is the basic equation of pyt...,
What are the three rules for pyth...,
Find the length of ab a3cmc 4cm b
5  cards
What are the five rules to know f...,
Adjacent means what,
Sin 0
35  cards
What is area measured in
30  cards
Graphs And Evaluation
What does positive correlation lo...,
What does negative correlation lo...,
What does no correlation look like
9  cards
John rolls two dice and adds thei...,
John rolls two dice and adds thei...,
John rolls two dice and adds thei...
11  cards
Set notation
What is a set,
What are the objects in a set called,
A 1 2 3 4 means what
44  cards
Volume + surface area
Equation for the volume of a prism,
What is the unit for volume,
Triangular face prism bace of fac...
26  cards
Increase 42 by 35,
Decrease 83 by 62,
6000 invested unit a saving accou...
14  cards

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