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Decks in this class (13)

1.1 System Architecture
What is a cpu,
What is clock speed,
What is cache
19  cards
1.2 Memory
What does rom do,
What does ram do,
What is the difference between op...
13  cards
1.3 Storage
What is secondary storage,
What is the purpose of secondary ...,
How do optical drives work
7  cards
1.4 Wired and Wireless Networks
What are standalone computers,
What are the advantages of networ...,
What are computers in a lan conne...
35  cards
1.5 Network Topologies, Protocols and Layers
Define topology,
What is a mesh network,
What are the advantages of a mesh...
24  cards
1.6 System Security
Define malware,
Define virus,
Define worms
25  cards
1.7 System Software
Define os,
What does the os do,
What is the command line interface
27  cards
1.8 Ethics
Define legislation,
What does the copyright designs a...,
What are the 3 offences of the co...
17  cards
2.1 Algorithms
Define linear search,
Define binary search,
What happens if the midpoint is g...
15  cards
2.2 Producing Robust Programs
What is a check digit,
What is a format check,
What is a length check
18  cards
2.3 Computational Logic
How do you get a positive output ...,
How go you get a positive output ...,
How do you get a positive output ...
4  cards
2.4 Translators and Facilities of Languages
What are assemblers responsible for,
How do assemblers have a one to o...,
Why are assemblers processor spec...
29  cards
2.5 Data Representation
What is the order of data size,
How do computers understand binary,
What number system is binary
26  cards

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