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TOPIC 1 Energy
Define energy,
Name the 8 energy stores,
Total energy out total energy in
30  cards
Energy Equations
Write out the word equation for k...,
Write out the symbol equation for...,
Units for kinetic energymassvelocity
14  cards
Work, Power, Efficiency
Define work,
Write out the word equation for work,
Write out the symbol equation for...
32  cards
In what direction does heat energ...,
State the energy transfer processes,
What are the factors that affect ...
39  cards
Define thermal insulator,
What does insulation do,
State the various types of insula...
16  cards
Specific Heat Capacity + Latent heat
Define specific heat capacity,
What is the equation for specific...,
What is the equation for specific...
25  cards
Latent heat + Insulation practical
Draw and label a diagram showing ...,
Describe the experiment measuring...,
Calculate the specific latent hea...
13  cards
Energy resources
Define energy resource,
Define renewable energy resource,
Define non renewable energy resource
24  cards
Advantages and disadvantages of energy resources
State the advantages of coal,
State the disadvantages of coal,
24  cards
Meeting the country's energy needs + National grid
Draw a graph showing the demand f...,
What is always on to meet the bas...,
What is switched on when demand i...
19  cards
TOPIC 3 Cooling + Heating and Cooling curves + states of matter
The temperature of the liquid in ...,
Explain how the windows in a bus ...,
How can the process of evaporatio...
34  cards
Pressure, Volume, Gases
If you increase the temperature o...,
The higher the temperature the hi...,
Explain how changing the temperat...
27  cards
Define the term density,
Write the equation that links den...,
State the symbol equation for den...
17  cards
TOPIC 2 Electricity
What are the types of charges tha...,
Describe how you can give an obje...,
Describe how you can give an obje...
26  cards
Experiment words
What does it mean if an experimen...,
What does it mean if an experimen...,
What d
28  cards
What is a cell,
What is a batery,
What is a switch
28  cards
Circuit investigations
Why do we repeat readings,
Why do we calculate an average,
Draw the circuit diagram for inve...
26  cards
Series and parallel circuits
What is a series ciruict,
Rules of series circuits,
How to calculate the total resist...
15  cards
Mains electricity
State the two types of voltage,
What is a direct voltage,
Where do we receive direct voltag...
55  cards
Unit 4 - Atomic Structure
State why the nuclei of certain a...,
What do radioactive isotopes do,
What is radioactive deca
68  cards
What do you use when detecting ra...,
Define isotope,
Define radioactive isotope
26  cards
Half life
Define half life,
What effect does nuclear radiatio...,
How can you tell if an isotope ha...
31  cards
Background radiation
Where does background radiation c...,
Radiation dose is measured in,
1000 millisieverts msv in sv
39  cards
Paper2: Forces - scalar/vector quantities, types of forces
State examples of scalar quantities,
Define scalar quantity,
Explain why distance gives us no ...
35  cards
Forces 2 - weight, force diagrams, work done
Define weight,
Why is the force of gravity so cl...,
What does the weight of an object...
36  cards
Forces 3 - forces and elasticity
Examples of elastic materials,
Define elastic material,
How can objects change shape
33  cards
Forces 4 - speed/velocity/acceleration/displacement
What does distance tell us what d...,
Explain why distance is a scalar ...,
Define displacement
34  cards
forces - newtons laws, suvat, stopping distance - acceleration experiemetns
State the equation that links fin...,
Describe the acceleration of an o...,
What does 98m s 2 represent
64  cards
Momentum + Moments
What is centre of mass,
Https filestoreaqaorguk sample pa...
37  cards
Pressure + Hydraulics
Equation for pressure,
1 pa in n m 2,
What is a fluid
33  cards

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