gcse spanish to english

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Decks in this class (22)

A - Life in Town and Rural Life
A pie,
Aburrido a,
Afueras f
82  cards
A - Weather and Climate
Abrigo m,
Bueno buena,
Bufanda f
55  cards
A - Travel, Transport and Directions
A la derecha,
A la izquierda,
Accidente m
103  cards
A - Services
Apellido m,
Atencion al cliente f
45  cards
A - Holidays and Tourist Information
Actividades f,
Aire acondicionado m,
Al aire libre
85  cards
A - Customs and Religion
Ano nuevo m,
Arbol de navidad m
40  cards
B - Childhood
Adulto a m f,
20  cards
B - School Life and Routine
A tiempo,
Aburrido a
155  cards
B - Work and Careers
Actor actriz m f,
Anuncio m
89  cards
B - Future Plans
Alumno a m f,
24  cards
C - Items in the Home
Abrebotellas f,
Abrelata f,
69  cards
C - Self, Family and Friends
Abuelo a m f,
Adoptivo a,
Agotador ora
107  cards
C - Helping Around the House
A menudo,
A veces,
Abrebotellas m
120  cards
C - Food and Drinks
Aceite m,
Aceitunas f,
Agua f mineral
144  cards
D - Current Affairs
Actualidades f,
Ataque m,
Ayuda f caritativa donacion f sin...
42  cards
D - The Media
Actuacion f,
Adulto a m f,
Aficionado a
65  cards
D - Environmental Issues
Calentamiento global m,
Cambio m
33  cards
D - Technology
Ayuda f,
Bajar subir,
Sala de chat m
27  cards
E - Special Occasions
Acrobata m f,
Anillo con piedra m,
Animal m
54  cards
E - Hobbies, Interests, Sports and Exercise
Ajedrez m,
Amigo a por correspondencia m f,
79  cards
E - Shopping and Money Matters
Abierto a,
61  cards
E - Accidents and Health Issues
Alcohol m
77  cards

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