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Battle Of Dien Bien Phu
How were the french initially pre...,
What surprised the french at dien...,
How long did the battle last and ...
17  cards
End Of French Rule
When did the battle between vietn...,
What beliefs caused the battle be...,
How was vietnam away from french ...
10  cards
Reasons For Greater Involvement Under Eisenhower
Why did eisenhowere commit more u...,
What did eisenhower set up in sep...,
What did seato agree
28  cards
Greater Involvement Under Kennedy
What year did kennedy become pres...,
What two things did kennedy agree...,
Why did kennedy say normal fighti...
25  cards
Increasing Threat Of Vietcong
What 3 things did johnson want to do,
How was the situation bad for s v...,
Was there a clear s vietnamese le...
10  cards
Gulf Of Tonkin Incident (1964) And Increased US Involvement In Vietnam
How many advisers had johnson sen...,
What did johnson want congress to do,
What were the two us navy ships t...
25  cards
Vietcong Guerilla Tactics
How was johnson conflicted,
What did n vietnam and vc want fo...,
Why did vc use guerilla warfare
7  cards
Search And Destroy
How did us use counterinsurgency ...,
Why was it a problem that most us...,
What was vc s main tactic
16  cards
Operation Rolling Thunder
What kind of us troops were in vi...,
What did johnson try to do withou...,
When did operation rolling thunde...
17  cards
Chemical Weapons
Who was the first person to agree...,
What was operation ranch hand,
How much of s vietnam was sprayed...
8  cards
Key Features Of The Tet Offensive 1968
What were the few major battles i...,
What was the tet offensive,
When was there a ceasfire
18  cards
Significance Of Tet Offensive
How were us troops conflicted aft...,
Why didn t johnson run for presid...,
How did us politicians seem to ch...
9  cards
Key Features Of Vietnamisation
What was vietnamisation,
What were the features of vietnam...,
How did vietnamisation succeed in...
6  cards
Reasons For Vietnamisation Failure
What happened after n vietnam too...,
Why did us troops no longer fight...,
How is us troops not fighting to ...
22  cards
Nixon Doctrine And Withdrawal Of US Troops
What did nixon want,
Why did nixon promise to tell the...,
What were nixon s approaches to v...
11  cards
Attacks On Laos, Cambodia And Bombing Of North Vietnam
When was attack on cambodia and w...,
Who was the ruler of cambodia,
What did pro american lon nol say...
27  cards
Reasons For Growth Of Opposition
What did mlk do in 1967,
What did norman morrison do in no...,
What did wayne morse do
33  cards
My Lai Massacre (1968)
What happened on 16th march 1968,
Who was sergeant haeberle,
What did us military in vietnam s...
8  cards
Reaction To My Lai Massacre And Trial Of Lt. Calley
What did the public initially thi...,
What did the criminal investigati...,
What did cbs do on 5th december
11  cards
Kent State Shootings (1970)
What happened on 4th may 1970,
How did students protest on 1st m...,
What happened on 2nd may 1970
6  cards
Political Opposition
Where did opposition to war grow ...,
What was the main event that chan...,
Who were the doves and hawks
21  cards
Reasons For Support Of The War
Who were the group who supported war,
What was weird about anti war ral...,
Who were included in supporters f...
8  cards
'hard Hats' And 'silent Majority'
How did patriotism influence the ...,
What did many americans feel woul...,
When was the hard hat riot
20  cards
Reasons For, And Features Of, The Peace Negotiations (1972-73)
What did johnson begin in 1965,
How did the north vietnamese resp...,
How did the peace negotiations an...
17  cards
Significance Of Paris Peace Accords (1973)
What did the peace accords give t...,
How did north and south vietnam v...,
How did the usa leave the arvn ba...
8  cards
Economic And Human Costs Of The War For The USA
What two ways did vietnam war hav...,
What was the financial cost of th...,
What was the great society
20  cards
Summary Of Why USA failed In Vietnam
What were the factors as to why u...,
Who were the south vietnamese gov...,
What did the vietnamese people wa...
7  cards
Strengths Of North Vietnam
What kind of advantage did north ...,
What did north vietnam understand,
Why was north vietnam s proximity...
12  cards
Weaknesses Of USA
Who were the usa geographically a...,
How were americans viewed by viet...,
How did most americans in vietnam...
15  cards
Opposition To The War In The USA
Who were people who opposed war,
Why did many oppose the war,
What did protests against the war...
4  cards

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