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Basic Genetics
Number of autosomes in somatic cells,
Number of sex chromosomes in soma...,
Normal chromosome complement is k...
48  cards
Autosomal Dominant Disorders
What is the mnemonic for common a...,
What are the autosomal dominant d...,
Who are the carrier and who are t...
27  cards
Autosomal Recessive Disorders
What is the mnemonic of autosomal...,
What are the autosomal recessive ...,
Autosomal recessive disorders are...
41  cards
X-linked Recessive Disorders
What is the mnemonic for x linked...,
What are the x linked recessive d...,
What is the sex gender status in ...
30  cards
X-linked Dominant Disorders
What is the mnemonic for x linked...,
What are the x linked dominant di...,
Which x linked dominant disease i...
34  cards
Trinucleotide Repeat Disorders
What is trinucleotide repeat diso...,
How many nucleotides do repeat in...,
What is anticipation
41  cards
Mitochondrial Disorders
What is the mnemonic of mitochond...,
What are the mitochondrial diseases,
Apart from nucleus where else is ...
44  cards
Tumour Suppressor Genes and Oncogenes
What is oncogenes,
What is proto oncogene,
Alternations in the proto oncogen...
29  cards
Common Diseases to Inheritance Pattern
Ataxia telangiectasia,
123  cards
Common Diseases to Chromosomal/genetic Defects
Aml acute myeloblastic leukaemia,
All acute lymphoblastic leukaemia,
Cml chronic myeloid leukaemia
115  cards
Down Syndrome
Incidence of down syndrome,
Rate of down syndrome among the c...,
What is the most common cause of ...
52  cards
Turner Syndrome
Incidence of turner syndrome,
What is the frequent finding amon...,
Karyotype of turner s syndrome
29  cards
Klinefelter Syndrome
Which type of endocrine abnormali...,
Karyotype of klinefelter syndrome
18  cards
Kallman Syndrome
Inheritence of kallman syndrome,
The most common presentation of k...,
Chromosomal abnormality anosmia l...
13  cards
Marfan Syndrome
What is the inheritence of marfan,
Which type of systemic disease,
Marfan syndrome chromosome and gene
39  cards
Noonan Syndrome
Another name,
12  cards
Fragile X Syndrome
Percentage in population,
What is the 2nd most common cause...,
Incidence rate in different sex
31  cards
Patau Syndrome
Another name of patau syndrome,
Which one is extra chromosome in ...,
Types modes of cytogenetics in pa...
16  cards
Genomic Imprinting
What is genomic imprinting,
Examples of genomic imprinting,
Which parental gene is deleted in...
44  cards
Edwards Syndrome
Another name of edwards syndrome,
What is the genetic abnormality o...,
The most common autosomal trisomy...
20  cards
Triple X Syndrome
Why is incidence hard to estimate,
Sex gender,
Stature or size of triple x syndrome
8  cards
47 XYY Males
Intelligence and behaviour
5  cards
Microdeletion Syndromes
What is microdeletion syndrome,
Investigation of choice how are t...,
Common examples of microdeletion ...
18  cards
Genetic Heterogeneity
What is genetic heterogeneity,
Examples of genetic heterogeneity...,
Examples of genetic heterogeneity...
15  cards
Molecular Genetics
No of strands in dna,
Nitrogen bases in dna,
Backbone of dna
18  cards
Basic Cancer Genetics
Inheritance of heretidary cancers,
If one has young age of presentat...,
How is the penetrance in heredita...
25  cards
Ambiguous Genitalia
Genitalia of 6 week embryo,
What can be developed from muller...,
What can be developed from wolffi...
12  cards
What is the commonest form of sho...,
Relation of achondroplasia with p...
13  cards

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