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Protein & DNA
What provides most of the molecul...,
What is a protein another name fo...,
Amino acid structure
46  cards
Chromosomes & The Cell Cycle
Prokaryote vs eukaryote chromosomes,
Prokaryote basics,
Eukaryote basics
46  cards
8  cards
Meiosis has ___ dna replication f...,
Can meiosis occur in haploid cells,
The end result of meiosis is
14  cards
Genes & Gene Action
Gene definition,
All genes make ___ mostly for the...,
Each gene has a specific location...
38  cards
There can be many ___ at the same...,
Different alleles are indicated how
23  cards
Mendelian Transmission of Alleles
If we know the genotypes of two p...,
A cross btw 2 homozygotes always ...,
A cross between diploids where al...
26  cards
Quantitative and Qualitative Traits
Qualitative traits definition,
Quantitative traits definition,
Normal frequency distribution
8  cards
Multiple-Locus Transmission Patterns
Mendel began his experiments with...,
Mendelian ratio for a cross of do...,
Mendel s second law
22  cards
Mitochondrial Genetics
Eukaryotes have cell organelles w...,
Not so well known organelles,
Which eukaryote organelles are au...
21  cards
Sex Chromosomes & Sex Linkage
Not every organism has ____,
45  cards
Sex-Linked Genetic Disorders
Red green color blindness,
If one x chromosome in 50 has a r...,
How many females get the condition
3  cards
Population Genetics
Frequency of big a is,
Frequency of little a is,
P q
15  cards
Exam 2: DNA & Replication
3 parts of a nucleotide,
Complementary base pairs,
What is needed to make dsdna
38  cards
Exam 2: Major Proteins in DNA Replication
10  cards
Exam 2: Transcription & Translation
Direction of dna rna synthesis,
Direction of protein synthesis,
5 3 strand names
29  cards
Exam 2: Chromatin and Chromosomes
In interphase dna is,
Nucleosome beads on a string,
Nucleosome core
29  cards
Exam 2: Medical Cytogenetics
Medical cytogenetics,
1 4 or more of miscarriages result,
20 of all human conceptions
36  cards
Exam 2: Cytogenetic Abnormalities
Chromosomes are constantly being,
Full breaks of both stands in dsd...,
The cell has mechanisms for ___ r...
36  cards
Exam 2: Translation
Start codon,
Stop codons
29  cards
Exam 2: Gene Regulation in E. coli
What does it mean when genes are ...,
Are most genes being transcribed ...,
Rna polymerase
24  cards
Exam 2: X Chromosomes and Dosage Compensation
The number of copies of a gene us...,
Does gene dosage matter,
Male mammals get how many doses o...
12  cards
Exam 2: Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes
Prokaryote genes vs eukaryote genes,
How does genetic control begin,
How is promotor strength determined
28  cards
Exam 2: Genetic Regulation by Chromatin Structure
All eukaryotes have their dna pac...,
Fundamental unit of chromatin,
2 functions of histone octamers
20  cards
Practice Exam 2 2013
What is the commonly used descrip...,
Histones can be extracted from a ...,
How are g bands numbered
23  cards
Exam 2: Other Things
When exactly does an inversion lo...,
What is a pachytene cross,
What is the ori
31  cards
Final: DNA Lesion & Mutation Types
What is a damaged dna site called,
How many dna lesions does a cell ...,
What can dna lesions lead to
18  cards
Final: DNA Repair Systems
3 basic mechanisms of lesion repair,
How to the 3 basic mechanisms of ...,
What are the 1st and 2nd lines of...
21  cards
Mutagens & Mutations
What is a free radical,
How do free radicals come to be,
26  cards
Final: Cancer Genetics
What is cancer,
How does cancer begin,
Progression of cancer
37  cards
Final: Immune System Part 1
The immune consists cells that oc...,
Innate immunity,
Adaptive immunity
46  cards
Final: What Happens When You Get Sick?
Polyclonal response,
Where do somatic hypermutation an...
21  cards
Final: Epigenetic Inheritance
Adult cells are highly _____,
When an adult cell divides,
5 aspects of gene regulation pass...
26  cards

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