genitourinary module

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L2. Renal Histology
What are the functions of the kidney,
What portions of the nephron are ...,
What are the parts of the nephron...
18  cards
L4,5 Acid Base disorders
What is the normal range of ph fo...,
What are the three processes that...,
How do buffers control ph and wha...
6  cards
L6. Clinical renal failure
What is kidney renal failure,
What are the main signs of kidney...,
How does weight age gender race a...
14  cards
L8. Body fluid compartments
How does water move between compa...,
What is the difference between os...,
What is tonicity how does a cell ...
10  cards
L11. Renal disease, haematuria and proteinuria
What is proteinuria its causes te...,
What is microalbuminuria causes a...,
What is nephrotic syndrome associ...
8  cards
L12. Renal phys: proximal tubule-> loop of henle
How is the gfr in the renal corpu...,
What are the mechanisms that go i...,
What are the mechanisms that go i...
10  cards
L13. Renal physiology 2; nephron train again
What happens in the early distal ...,
How do thiazide diuretics work co...,
What happens in the late distal c...
12  cards
L14,15 Radiology of kidneys, male and female pelvis
When should you use xr vs ivu vs ...,
Where is the ureter running,
When should you use ct vs mri wha...
10  cards
L16,17 Integration of Salt and Water Balance
What is the,
What is the bodies response to de...,
What are the physiological stimul...
13  cards
18. IV fluids and Hyponatraemia
What are the steps to prescribing...,
How is volume status assesssed signs,
What are the reasons for needing ...
7  cards
L19. Gynaecology
How is a pap smear smear test done,
What are the major larcs benefits...,
What is cervical cancer caused by...
10  cards
L20, 21. Female Genital tract pathology + clinical case studies
What is the difference between cy...,
What is the cell of origin for a ...,
Whats the difference between meta...
23  cards
L23 Sexual dysfunction
What are the 3 main models of sex...,
What are the organic vs psycholog...,
How does sexual function change o...
17  cards
L24 Clin prob solve 2: Kidney failure
Define kidney failure,
What are different features of ak...,
What are signs associated with th...
6  cards
L25 Childbirth
What is considered preterm viable...,
What are the signs of the onset o...,
What happens in the latent phase ...
17  cards
L26 Sexuality, Sexual behaviour, STI epidemic and prevention
What is sexual orientation vs gen...,
What does heteronormativity mean ...,
What are the healthcare issues fa...
11  cards
L27. Carcinoma of the Prostate, bladder and kidney
What are the risks for prostate c...,
What is the macroscopic and micro...,
Compare the gleason grading syste...
12  cards
L28. Testis and Penis pathology
What are the causes of scrotal sw...,
What are the risk factors for tes...,
What are is the pathogenesis of t...
8  cards
L1: Kidney, Ureter, Bladder and Post Abdo wall
Urinary system relation to perito...,
Describe the surface anatomy of t...,
What is the difference between th...
13  cards
L3: Inguinal canal and Spermatic cord
What are the layers of the abdomi...,
Describe the course of the inguin...,
How to find the superficial ingui...
11  cards
L7 Pelvic content: Vessels and Nerves
Describe the sacrum major joint w...,
Where does the dural sac of the s...,
What are the differences between ...
18  cards
L9. Perineum
What are the boundaries of the ur...,
What is levator ani origin and in...,
What is considered the anal canal...
16  cards
L10. Genitalia
What are the 2 pouches of periton...,
What are the layers of the penis ...,
What is the blood supply to the s...
15  cards

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