geo case studies

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Chile & Nepal
Chile gdp,
Nepal gdp,
Chile hdi
20  cards
Typhoon Haiyan
Typhoon s degree of severity,
What happened
7  cards
Somerset Levels Floods
What are the somerset levels and ...,
Where is somerset,
What are the somerset levels bord...
10  cards
Causes of deforestation in malaysia,
Commercial farming
16  cards
Where is svalbard,
What biomes does svalbard have,
Facts abt svalbard
14  cards
How long is it,
What was the cost to build it,
How many barrels of oil were tran...
26  cards
Managing Coasts
Hard engineering methods 4,
Soft engineering methods 3,
Wat is beach nourishment
22  cards
Lyme Regis
Where is lyme regis,
Reasons for management,
What coastal management strategy ...
13  cards
Lake District
Where is it,
Physical attractions in the lake ...,
Cultural historical attractions i...
9  cards
Location of mumbai,
Importance of mumbai regionally,
Importance of mumbai nationally
28  cards
Managing Mumbai
Challenge of managing plastic was...,
Solution to managing plastic wast...,
Challenge of managing sanitary wa...
16  cards
Where is bristol located,
Bristol s transport links in uk,
Importance of bristol within the ...
48  cards
Temple Quarter Regeneration Project
How big is temple quarter,
What was temple quarter like in t...
17  cards
Sustainable Urban Management
Motor vehicles pedestrians cycle ...,
Result of freiburg s its,
Freiburg carrot method
10  cards
Uneven Development
Causes of uneven development,
Physical reasons why uneven devel...,
Economic reasons why uneven devel...
6  cards
Positive impacts of tourism on ec...,
Negative impacts of tourism on ec...
7  cards
Where is nigeria,
Nigeria s importance regionally,
Nigeria s importance globally
40  cards
Torr Quarry
How many people employed at torr ...,
How much does it contribute to lo...
4  cards
South Cambridgeshire vs Outer Hebrides
Migration in south cambridgeshire,
Social effects of migration in so...,
Economic effects of migration in ...
6  cards
UK developments in transport infrastructure
Road infrastructure,
Positives of a303 super highway,
Negatives of a303 super highway
12  cards
Lancashire LEP
What is an lep,
Lancashire lep highlights
3  cards
UK in the wider world
Links with the eu,
Positive impact of eu,
Negative impact of eu
4  cards
Lesotho Highland Water Project
Where is lesotho,
What is lesotho like,
Temperature range of lesotho
12  cards
Wakel River Basin Project
Where is rajasthan,
Aims of wakel river basin project...,
Issues with water supply
8  cards

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