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What mnemonic can be used to reme...,
List some conditions that come un...,
List some red flag symptoms of he...
61  cards
Define delirium,
Define dementia,
Define psychosis
39  cards
Define syncope,
List the four main mechanisms of ...,
How can the cardiac causes of syn...
46  cards
Neck Lumps
List the structures in the neck t...,
Describe the effect of age on the...,
List some important questions to ...
58  cards
Describe the immediate management...,
What landmark defines the terms u...,
List the differential diagnosis f...
36  cards
Define dysphagia,
What is the difference between lo...,
What is odynophagia
39  cards
Describe the timescales of acute ...,
List some other key features of t...,
Why is it important to ascertain ...
26  cards
What other symptoms may be mistak...,
Use the surgical sieve to constru...,
Which of the mechanisms listed in...
30  cards
Chest Pain
List the differential diagnoses o...,
List three differentials for ches...,
What are the five fatal causes of...
38  cards
Shortness of Breath
List some broad mechanisms that c...,
Which diseases can cause an inabi...,
Which diseases can cause insuffic...
49  cards
Breast Lump
List the four most common causes ...,
List some other causes of breast ...,
Which causes of breast lump are m...
34  cards
Epigastric Pain
List some differential diagnoses ...,
Describe the pattern of pain that...,
What does sudden onset pain suggest
45  cards
Nausea and Vomiting
Where is the vomiting centre located,
What are the two main types of re...,
What are the four main inputs to ...
38  cards
What are the three steps of bilir...,
How does unconjungated bilirubin ...,
Where are blood cells normally br...
49  cards
Right Upper Quadrant Pain
List the differential diagnosis f...,
Other than the socrates questions...,
What is steatorrhoea caused by
33  cards
Right Iliac Fossa Pain
List the differential diagnosis f...,
State two causes of rif pain that...,
What causes of rif pain are more ...
41  cards
Left Iliac Fossa Pain
List the differential diagnosis f...,
List some gynaecological causes o...,
List some causes of lif pain that...
38  cards
Flank Pain
List the differential diagnosis f...,
List some gynaecological diseases...,
List some other abdominal patholo...
42  cards
List four mechanisms of constipation,
For each of the mechanisms below ...,
List some red flag symptoms that ...
37  cards
Define diarrhoea,
What other types of stool may dia...,
List 6 main mechanisms of diarrhoea
53  cards
Rectal Bleeding
How can the differential diagnosi...,
List some differentials for recta...,
List some important questions to ...
31  cards
Poor Urinary Output
How much urine do normal adults p...,
What urine output would be consid...,
What important condition can decr...
32  cards
Groin Lump
List the causes of groin lumps by...,
List the most common causes of gr...,
List some important questions you...
32  cards
Scrotal Mass
What are the main contents of the...,
What must you immediately conside...,
List important features of the hi...
37  cards
Limb Weakness
What other symptoms may limb weak...,
What are the two most important f...,
List some cause of limb weakness ...
49  cards
Acute Joint Pain
What is the must exclude diagnosi...,
Construct a differential diagnosi...,
List the seronegative spondyloart...
37  cards
Swollen Calf
What are the main factors to cons...,
Construct a differential diagnosi...,
Construct a differential diagnosi...
32  cards
Leg Ulcer
List a differential diagnosis of ...,
What type are the majority of leg...,
List two key features of the ulce...
33  cards

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