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Coastal Geography, Tides
What three forces control the ear...,
Primary bulge
21  cards
Coastal Geography, Waves
How do waves form,
Swell waves,
Storm waves
27  cards
Coastal Geography, Wave Induced Currents
What are the three types of wave ...,
Wave refraction,
Wave diffraction
24  cards
Coastal Geography, Beach-dune System
Why are beaches so resilient to e...,
Landward limit,
Seaward limit
32  cards
Coastal Geography, Estuaries
What are the three main character...,
What are the four classification ...
26  cards
Coastal Geography, Rocky Coasts
What is the difference between de...,
What are the three main character...,
What are the three main character...
32  cards
Coastal Geography, Sea Level Change
What are the three main causes of...,
What are the three main types of ...,
Ocean absin volume
25  cards
Coastal Geography, Coastal Management
What is the main problem of many ...,
What are the four main approaches...,
What are the three types of hard ...
18  cards
Coastal Geography, Oceanography
Mixed layer,
Which two main properties of the ...,
Ocean currents
24  cards
Climate, Global Radiation
Electro magnetic spectrum,
Shortwave radiation,
Solar constant
17  cards
Climate, Atmospheric Circulation
What happens to pressure at highe...
19  cards
Climate, Surface Energy
Net radiation q,
Diurnal cycle
12  cards
Climate, Regional Climates
What three characteristics compri...,
What is a climograph
29  cards
Climate, Climate and Vegetation
Vegetation zonation,
What three factors influence vege...
10  cards
Climate, Climate and the Ocean
What four elements are exchanged ...,
Why is there sptial and temporal ...,
What are the differences in the s...
14  cards
Climate, Character and Causes of Climate Change
What are the three geological tim...,
What are the three main character...,
What are the two main characteris...
22  cards
Climate, Human Impacts on Climate
What is the general trend of huma...,
What are the three main ways that...,
How have humans changed land use ...
14  cards
Climate, Human Atmosphere Interactions
Why are urban climates different ...,
What two elements of climate do u...,
What three things do human activi...
13  cards
Climate, Studying the Climate and Future Climates
What are paleoclimate records use...,
What are the three types of clima...,
Deep sea sediment cores
14  cards
Land and Water, Erosion and Sedimentation
How are rivers restored,
What are the 5 components of the ...,
What is the difference between we...
20  cards
Land and Water, Tectonic Landscapes
What are two main types of geolog...,
Endogenic processes,
What are the three main elements ...
18  cards
Land and Water, Hydrological Cycle
What are the two human impacts on...,
Why is water considered an extrem...
20  cards
Land and Water, River Diversity
What are catchments othersise kno...,
How is drainage density calculated
27  cards
Land and Water, River Processes
What two key aspect of rivers are...,
Impelling and resisting forces,
What are the two types of flow
29  cards
Land and Water, River Evolution
River behaviour,
River change,
In regime
21  cards
Land and Water, River Management
What is the key aspect of river m...,
How has hu,
What are the two approaches to ri...
17  cards
Land and Water, Glaciated Landscapes
What can be inferred by new zeala...,
35  cards
Land and Water, Hillslopes, Weathering, and Soils
What are the two types of hillslopes,
What are the four features of lim...,
What are the four features of tra...
24  cards

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