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Introduction to the course; geography and geosystems.
What is the origin of the word ge...,
What dose geography study,
What is a system
41  cards
Solar Energy
How hot is the suns surface,
How dose the earth receive energy,
What is tsi
51  cards
The Seasons
How do seasons occur,
What is earths revolution,
Describe earths rotation
22  cards
The modern atmosphere
What is the principal substance o...,
Where do we consider the top of o...,
What is the exosphere
41  cards
Pollution in the atmosphere
What are pollutants,
What are some sources of natural ...,
What are the particulates produce...
31  cards
Energy-Balance Essentials
How dose earths energy budget work,
What is transmission,
What is the definition of energy ...
28  cards
Energy Balance in the Troposphere
What is the greenhouse effect,
What are greenhouse gasses,
What is cloud albedo forcing
9  cards
Energy Balance at Earth’s Surface
What is the daily pattern of inco...,
What is the lag between the insol...,
What is the boundary layer
14  cards
Temperature Concepts and Measurement
What is temperature,
What is absolute zero,
What is the fahrenheit scale
12  cards
Land-Water Heating differences
What is land water heating differ...,
Explain evaporation,
How dose transparency affect wate...
4  cards
Earth’s Temperature Patterns
What is an isotherm,
What is the thermal equator,
What is a temperature anomaly
5  cards
Wind essentials
What is earths atmospheric circul...,
What is the dominant medium for r...,
What redistributes heat in a zone...
21  cards
Driving Forces within the Atmosphere
What is gravitational force,
What is centrifugal force,
Other then gravitational force wh...
32  cards
Atmospheric Patterns of Motion
What are the three categorize of ...,
What are meridional zonal flows,
How dose the warmer and colder ai...
47  cards
Upper Atmospheric Circulation
What is the constant isobaric sur...,
What is the rossby wave,
What are jet streams
7  cards
Monsoonal Winds
What is a monsoon,
What drives the monsoons of south...,
What contributes to the large dif...
6  cards
Local Winds
What are local winds and what cat...,
What are land and sea breezes,
How is a sea breeze formed
10  cards
Oceanic Currents
How are the atmospheric and ocean...,
How dose the coriolis effect affe...,
What are ocean currents driven by
11  cards
Natural Oscillations in Global Circulation
What are the fluctuations that oc...,
What is the el nino southern osci...
2  cards
Water’s Unique Properties
What is the chemical composition ...,
Why do water molecules attract ea...,
Why is water able to dissolve man...
22  cards
What is humidity,
Relative humidity 7,
What is saturation equlibrium
10  cards
Atmospheric Stability
What is a parcel,
What are the two opposing forces ...,
How dose the temperature of the v...
18  cards
Clouds and Fog
Definition of a cloud,
What is fog,
What is a moisture droplet
32  cards
Air Masses
Definition of weather,
What are the important measurable...,
What is meteorology
15  cards
Atmospheric Lifting Mechanisms
What happens when an air mass is ...,
What are the four principal lifti...,
What is convergent lifting
18  cards
Midlatitude Cyclonic Systems
What is a midlatitude cyclone,
Where is a midlatitude or extratr...,
What is a storm track
9  cards
Violent Weather
How do ice storms occur,
What is freezing parcipitation,
What is a blizzard
34  cards
Water on Earth
What is interception,
What constitutes throughfall,
Where did much of earths water or...
43  cards
The Hydrologic Cycle
What is the hydrologic cycle,
What three main components can th...,
What is the average residence tim...
26  cards
Water Budgets and Resource Analysis
What is a surplus in the water bu...,
What is a deficit in the water bu...
26  cards
Classifying Earths Climates
What is climate,
What is climatology,
What is a climatic regions
35  cards
Climate change Intro
What is climate change science,
What are three key elements of cl...,
What is some of the physical evid...
7  cards
Deciphering past climates.
What are some of the environments...,
How can scientists access the env...,
What is paleoclimatology
21  cards
Methods for short term climate reconstruction
What do the tools for short term ...,
How can scientists use carbon iso...,
What is the difference between st...
16  cards
Mechanisms of Natural Climate Fluctuation
What is solar irradiance,
What is the length of the cycle t...,
What was the maunder minimum
15  cards
Climate Feedbacks and the Carbon Budget
How does positive and negative fe...,
What is climate feedback,
What is ice albedo feedback
18  cards
Evidence for Present Climate Change
What are the measurable indicator...,
How many decades have been succes...,
What type of warming dominates th...
20  cards
Causes of Present Climate Change
How are scientist using carbon is...,
How dose the contribution of each...,
What are earths primary greenhous...
22  cards

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