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SG2A: What's In A Place- Aspley
Changing Space, Making Places
19  cards
Global migration: Afghanistan
Intervening obstacles,
Three indications that afghanista...,
What happened in 1978
21  cards
Global Migration: USA
Usa has net migration gain what d...,
Why do migrants move from mexico ...,
Why do migrants from india come t...
20  cards
Global Migration: Mexico
Three indicators that show mexico...,
Mexico has a net emigration loss ...,
What are the intervening obstacle...
27  cards
USA Figures
How much is the net migration gai...,
In 2013 how many migrants were li...,
In 2013 how many migrants from me...
7  cards
Mexico Figures
Mexico hdi,
Mexico net emigration loss,
In the bracero program how many m...
14  cards
ELSS Carbon Glossary
Biological weathering,
Carbon sink,
Carbon source
24  cards
Key Examples In Glaciation
Warm based glacier,
Cold based glacier,
Ribbon lake
11  cards
SG1: How do we understand place?
What is difference between space ...,
What is locale,
What is qualitative data
16  cards
SG2B: What's In A Place- Threlkeld
What are the natural features of ...,
What is the historical developmen...,
What is the changing face of thre...
11  cards
Place profile
What is demographic,
What are the socio economic chara...,
What is physical geography
6  cards
SG3B: social inequality impacts people and place in different ways. Case study: Sri Lanka
What is the population of sri lanka,
In what year did sri lanka gained...,
What was the scheme of sahaspura
27  cards
Changing spaces making places Glossary
Key words
39  cards
Sri Lanka background info
What is the population of sri lanka,
What is the population of colombo,
What is the ethnicity and religion
31  cards
Comparing threlkeld and aspley
What is the physical setting betw...,
What is the historical origin of ...,
What is the demographic socio eco...
4  cards
SG3A: How does economic change influence patterns of social inequality in places?
What is quality of life,
What is standard of living,
What is multiple deprivation
28  cards
SG5: Placemaking in Colombo
Market led,
Top down,
Flagship development
19  cards
Glaciated landscapes Glossary
Glaciated landscape,
77  cards
Carbon sink,
13  cards
facts and figures of space and place
Asian development bank,
World bank,
4  cards
SG4: Who are the players that influence economic change in places? A focus on Sri Lanka
What is a player,
What were the environmental chara...,
What were the demographic charact...
24  cards
SG2A: How are glacial landforms developed? (Depositiional Landforms)
What is glacial moraine,
What are the 4 characteristics a ...,
What does unsorted mean
32  cards
SG2A: How are glacial landforms developed? (Erosional Landscapes)
What are geomorphic processes,
What is weathering,
What is oxidation
49  cards
SG3A- A case study of one landscape associated with the action of valley glacier: Lake District
Where is the lake district located,
What is the key noticeable glacia...,
An example of a corrie
38  cards
SG3B: Case study associated with the action of ice sheets: The Laurentide Ice Sheet and it's impact on the landscape of Minnesota, USA
What is an ice sheet,
How far can an ice sheet extend,
Where are ice sheets found
45  cards
SG4: How landforms in glaciated landscapes are influenced in post glacial periods?
What does post glacial period mean,
What is a post glacial climate,
What is glaciofluvial
25  cards
SG5: Glacial lake management at Lake Palcacocha
What is lake palcacocha,
Why has it formed,
What is there concerns about the ...
7  cards
SG1: Water Cycle
What are the 4 things that water ...,
Why do humans need water,
Why does fauna need water
73  cards
SG1: Carbon Cycle
How does the tree take in carbon ...,
How is some of the co2 from the t...,
What happens to leaf litter and d...
33  cards
SG4: How far can diseases be predicted and mitigated against?
What are the opportunities that g...,
What are the challenges created f...,
What is globalisation
22  cards
SG3: How do the water and carbon cycles operate in contrasting locations?
What is the climate like in the a...,
What are the characteristics of t...,
What is the soil like in the amazon
41  cards
SG1: What are the contemporary patterns of global migration?
What is an international migrant,
What is inter regional flows,
What is intra regional flows
21  cards
SG4: How do the water & carbon cycles operate in contrasting locations? The Arctic Tundra
What is tundra,
What are the characteristics of t...,
What is the normal climate in the...
42  cards
SG5: How humans can disturb and enhance the natural water and carbon cycles?
What is a dynamic equilibrium,
What is a positive feedback loop,
What is a negative feedback loop
17  cards

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