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Decks in this class (16)

Hic vs lic earthquakes,
L aquila richter scale,
L aquila deaths
60  cards
Lagos regional importance,
Lagos national importance,
Lagos international importance
65  cards
Hazards: Tectonic Hazards
What is a natural hazard,
What was the magnitude of the l a...,
Pe how many people killed in l aq...
21  cards
Hazards: Managing hazards
Planning against earthquakes,
Monitoring earthquakes,
Predicting earthquakes
12  cards
Hazards: Climate Change
What 2 ways can we use to manage ...,
What is mitigation,
What is adaptation
24  cards
Hazards: Atmospheric Hazards
What factors effect a place s cli...,
What is global atmospheric circul...,
Warm air rises creating
26  cards
Hazards: Typhoon Haiyan
Primary effects how many people w...,
Primary effects how many people died,
Primary effects how much in dolla...
17  cards
The Living World: Tropical Rainforests
What is the temperature of a rain...,
How much of the earth s surface i...,
Why is soil less fertile in some ...
42  cards
Physical Landscapes: Rivers
How does the river valley change ...,
How does relief contribute to flo...,
How does precipitation contribute...
30  cards
Physical Landscapes: Glaciers
What lake in the lake district is...,
Give 3 activities at lake windermere,
What company have attempted to he...
39  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges: Lagos
What is urbanisation,
How does migration and natural in...,
Name 3 push factors to move into ...
30  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges: London
3 national importance facts,
Brixton how many different langua...
15  cards
Urban Issues and Challenges: Olympic Park
Where is the olympic park located...,
How many houses did east village ...,
How many jobs at
10  cards
Changing Economic World: Overview + Nigeria
Give 5 ways to measure development,
What is hdi,
What does hdi consist of
27  cards
Resource Management
What areas have a surplus of food,
Why might an area have a surplus ...,
What is it called when you don t ...
46  cards
What is our human title of invest...,
Human what data collecting techni...,
Human where did we collect our data
26  cards

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