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Urban Issues and challenges
What are urban areas,
What is a rural area,
What are megacities
31  cards
Why is rio important regionally,
Where is rio,
Why is rio important nationally
24  cards
Favela Bairro Project
What are the 17 sustainable devel...,
Give 4 examples of how to favella...,
How did the favela bairro project...
5  cards
Where is london,
Give 4 reasons why is london impo...,
Give 4 reasons why is london impo...
21  cards
London Olympic Park Regeneration + BedZed
What were social features of the ...,
What were environmental features ...,
What were economic features of th...
8  cards
Living World - Rainforests
What is nutrient cycling,
What are the stores in nutrient c...,
What are the inputs in nutrient c...
34  cards
Living World - Deserts
What is intradependance,
Why do hot deserts have a high te...,
Why do hot deserts have low rainfall
26  cards
Physical landscapes in the UK - Rivers
How has the uk landscape been formed,
What is a source of a river,
What is a mouth of a river
64  cards
Physical landscapes in the UK - Coasts
What causes a wave,
Features of constructive waves,
Features of destructive waves
97  cards
What is the sheringham coastline ...,
Where is sheringham,
Why does sheringham have so much ...
58  cards
The Challenge of Resource Management
What is a resource,
Why do resources need to be managed,
What is economic wellbeing
81  cards
Wakel River Basin Project
Where is the wakel river basin pr...,
Physical characteristics of the w...,
Human characteristics of the wake...
10  cards
Snowy mountain water transfer scheme
Advantages of snowy mountain scheme,
Disadvantages of snowy mountain s...,
Where is the snowy river scheme
6  cards
Natural hazards
What is a natural hazard,
What is a hazard risk,
Factors affecting people s risk f...
25  cards
Nepal earthquake 2015
Immediate responses of the nepal ...,
Long term responses to the nepal ...,
Primary responses to the nepal ea...
4  cards
Changing economic world
What does development measure,
What are the areas a country coul...,
What are economic indicators of d...
121  cards

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