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tropical storms
Where are tropical storms located,
Where are tropical storms formed,
What is the place the tropical st...
34  cards
drought in california
What was the rainfall like in win...,
What did the pressure do in calif...,
What happened during 2012 2015
6  cards
How much of the population live i...,
What is the temperature of land,
What is the temperature of ocean
9  cards
climate of the UK
What is the temperature like in e...,
What is the precipitation like in...,
What is the precipitation like in...
16  cards
factors affecting microclimate
What is an isotherm,
What is a microclimate,
What is urban heat island
6  cards
large scale ecosystems (rainforests)
What is an ecosystem,
What is a biome,
Where are deserts generally found
23  cards
food chains
What is the first stage in a food...,
What is the second stage in a foo...,
What is the third stage in the fo...
4  cards
water + carbon cycle in rainforest
How does the water cycle work in ...,
How does the carbon cycle work
2  cards
sustainability in rainforests (talamanca rainforest case study)
Define sustainability,
How is the talamanca rainforest m...
2  cards
the savanna biome
Where is the savanna grassland lo...,
What are the distinct features of...,
What do the fires that occur duri...
35  cards
How does a constructive wave work,
How does a destructive wave work,
Explain the types of coastal erosion
35  cards
Drainage basin,
Lateral erosion,
37  cards
Where are the significant areas o...,
Urban rural continuum,
Sphere of influence
25  cards
key terms
Carrying capacity,
What is a honeypot site,
Impact of people visiting
12  cards
river & coastal landscapes paper 1
What is swash,
What is backwash,
What is the prevailing wind
30  cards
Mumbai/wales compare
Is mumbai a hic or a nic,
Where is mumbai,
Finance of mumbai
9  cards
transNational corporations for host countries
Multiplier effect,
Benefits brought by mncs,
What is a mmc
29  cards
quaternary period
What do we mean by glacials,
What are inter glacials,
The quaternary period has been do...
14  cards
small-scale ecosystem
Where do sand dunes form,
What are sand dunes used for,
What is the first sand dune called
18  cards
mock exam
How has the climate changed durin...,
What is the evidence for the clim...,
What is the carbon cycle
48  cards
Mitigating risk,
Change over time,
Possible exam question how effect...
10  cards
What is holderness coastline made of,
Why is holderness the fastest ero...,
What was built to prevent erosion...
4  cards
jurassic coast (swanage)
Geology in swanage,
Human activity in swanage,
How many groynes were put in plac...
3  cards
What are the three rivers in bosc...,
Why was the flood especially harmful,
Causes of the flood
11  cards
Management in shrewsbury,
Which river goes through shrewsbury
2  cards
1  cards
river processes
1  cards
isle of lewis
1  cards
Cardiff (HIC)
1  cards
mumbai (NIC)
1  cards
sea palling
1  cards
1  cards
1  cards
stanton st john
1  cards

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