geography paper 1

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Which river flooded morpeth,
Where is morpeth,
Is morpeth located on a flood plain
16  cards
River Tees
What is the waterfall in the uppe...,
Where is the source of the river ...,
Where is the mouth of the river tees
4  cards
Where is dorset,
What is durdle door,
What is old harry
11  cards
Holbeck hall
Where is holbeck hall,
What destroyed holbeck hall,
How much rain fell in holbeck hal...
4  cards
Where is hunstanton,
What are the 2020 plans for hunst...,
What strategy did hunstanton s pl...
4  cards
What strategy did medmerry choose,
Who was in charge of medmerry s p...,
What was built to protect medmerry
8  cards
Peru and Bangladesh
What did peru use to get water,
What is the collected water in pe...,
What does bangladesh use water for
5  cards
UK heatwave
What happens to the pavements whe...,
How many heat related deaths wher...,
What happens to food prices in ho...
5  cards
UK beast from the East
When was the beast from the east,
What caused the beast from the east,
How does a polar vortex collapse
12  cards
Typhoon Haiyan
How many people were made homeles...,
How many people were killed in ty...,
What did typhoon haiyan cause
14  cards
What does iceland do with carbon ...,
What is oraefajokull monitored for,
How far can you look into eyjafja...
7  cards
Earthquake LIC Nepal
What is the life expectancy in nepal,
What magnitude was the earthquake...,
Which plates is nepal between
9  cards
Earthquake HIC NewZealand
Where did the earthquake in new z...,
What magnitude was the earthquake...,
What boundary was the new zealand...
7  cards
Where is yellowstone park,
What animal was re introduced to ...,
What animal did the wolves provid...
5  cards
Where is svalbard,
Is svalbard the most northern tow...,
What percentage of svalbard is co...
12  cards
How long is the island madagascar,
What percentage of the earth s sp...,
When was madagascar formed
5  cards
What factory is in brazil,
What does the natex factory produce,
Who does the natex factory employ
5  cards
What percentage of the worlds fre...,
Where are rainforests located glo...,
How are bromeliads adaptaed
6  cards

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