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geography - human - paper 2

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Decks in this class (10)

Globalisation - EQ1 - What are the causes of globalisation and why has it accelerated in recent decades?
Define globalisation,
Define cultural globalisation,
Define environmental globalisation
275  cards
Globalisation - EQ2 - What are the impacts of globalisation for countries, different groups of people and cultures and the physical environment?
Reasons for growth in globalisati...,
Name examples of us tncs which ha...,
What are the benefits of globalis...
141  cards
Globalisation - EQ3 - What are the consequences of globalisation for global development & the physical environment, & how should different players respond to its challenge?
Define development,
Define the development gap,
What are the social benefits of a...
103  cards
Regeneration - EQ1 - How & why do places vary?
Name the 4 different types of emp...,
What are the 4 sectors economic a...,
Define place
122  cards
Regeneration - EQ2 - Why might regeneration be needed?
List indicators that a region is ...,
What is a case study location for...,
What are the statistics to show a...
88  cards
Regeneration - EQ3 - How is regeneration managed?
Define rebranding,
Define reimaging,
Define infrastructure
126  cards
Regeneration - EQ4.10 - Barking & Dagenham
Regeneration in barking dagenham,
Regeneration in barking dagenham,
Regeneration in barking dagenham
52  cards
Regeneration - EQ4.11 - Urban Regeneration Stratford
What are the 3 ways regeneration ...,
Give a recent example of public i...,
Give a recent example of public i...
52  cards
Regeneration - EQ4.12 - Rural Regeneration Cornwall
Why is rural regeneration more di...,
Who are the key players in cornwa...,
Describe the role of the key play...
54  cards
Superpowers - EQ1 - What are superpowers & how have they changed overtime?
Define superpower,
Define a hyperpower,
Define hard power
9  cards

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geography - human - paper 2

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