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Which european country is famous ...,
Spain is geographically separated...,
The volga is europes longest rive...
60  cards
My fuji is the highest mountain i...,
What is the longest river in asia,
The eurprates is western asia lon...
40  cards
North America
What is the largest city in north...,
Which state in the us is the most...,
The two longest rivers in north a...
60  cards
Central America
How many countries does central a...,
Tajumulco is central america tall...,
What is the capital of belize
14  cards
South America
What is the highest waterfall in ...,
Which mountain range is the longe...,
South america has 2 landlocked co...
33  cards
What is africa s southernmost maj...,
Up until 1919 namibia was called ...,
Somalia has the longest coast lin...
30  cards
What is the capital of australia,
How many islands does tonga have,
The great barrier reef is one of ...
25  cards
Antartica is the highest continen...,
What is the highest point in anta...,
Which three oceans touch antarctic
15  cards
Rivers And Lakes
Which lake is the lowest in the w...,
Which of the following rivers flo...,
Which of the following is the lon...
30  cards
Capital Cities
What is the capital of germany,
Ankara is the capital of which co...,
Riga is the capital of which country
30  cards
Which leaf is featured on the can...,
Which country has the oldest flag...,
How many stars does the australia...
35  cards
Guess The Country
This country is famous for oktobe...,
Formally known as persia this cou...,
This country is bordered by myanm...
30  cards
What mountain range runs through ...,
The sugar loaf mountain is locate...,
The pyrenees mountain range forms...
30  cards
Historical Geograpy
Sri lanka was previously known as...,
In which year did persia change i...,
In which year did siam change its...
30  cards
Can you list the top ten countrie...,
Roughly how many planes are in th...,
Who is known as the father of tou...
30  cards
Name The Tourist Attraction And Location
The largest amphitheater in the w...,
This performance arts facility wh...,
This european museum is the large...
20  cards
Guess The City
This transcontinental country is ...,
This european city is a unesco wo...,
The annual oktoberfest is held here
20  cards
What is considered to be the moth...,
What is the percentage of the wor...,
Name the country with the most la...
20  cards
Political Geography
How many countries are in the com...,
What was the first country to bec...,
Which european country does green...
20  cards
A body of water which is long and...,
Measured in degrees this is the d...,
A man made waterway built for tra...
20  cards
Natural Disasters
What is the name of the scale to ...,
Despite speculation surrounding t...,
Which of the following is not a t...
30  cards
Climate Change
What is the main gas responsible ...,
Despite this gas having a devasta...,
Approximately how much has the ea...
20  cards
Oceans And Seas
What percent of the earth s surfa...,
What percentage of the earth s wa...,
Which ocean is both the largest a...
30  cards
According to the mohs scale what ...,
There are three types of rock two...,
Which of these three types of roc...
15  cards
Economic Geography
The following four countries all ...,
What was the unemployment rate in...,
It is well known that the racial ...
20  cards
Population Stats
What percent of the global popula...,
What percentage of the population...,
According to the 2021 census what...
10  cards
General Knowledge
It is no surprise that the united...,
The maglev bullet train is the fa...,
True or false by surface are the ...
6  cards

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