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Earth's Origins
All of the space that we can see,
What is the universe made up of,
Large star cluster with a central...
23  cards
Earth's Structure
Which of earth s layers is 1 and ...,
Which of earth s layers is 2 and ...,
Which of earth s layers is 3 and ...
19  cards
Mineral Properties
Natural chemical compounds that m...,
What are the four mineral criteria,
Example of a uniform chemical for...
17  cards
Rock Forming Minerals
The earth s crust is rich in ligh...,
What is the basic building block ...,
Silicon likes to bond with 4 oxyg...
21  cards
Igneous Rocks
Melted rock,
What starts as melted rock or magma,
Rocks erupt and cool down fast
28  cards
Volcanic Activity
What are the two factors that con...,
What is viscosity,
Low silica
22  cards
Volcanic Hazards
Continents melt if they pull apar...,
Magma from the aesthenosphere eru...,
Old ocean floor melts when it is ...
34  cards
Continental Drift
What is the hypothesis of contine...,
Who is credited for proposing con...,
What evidence was first collected...
9  cards
Plate Boundaries
Marked by volcanoes mountains fau...,
Hot mantle plumes can punch throu...,
Is a hot spot a plate boundary
21  cards
Plate Tectonic Evidence
Volcanos and earthquakes cluster ...,
Hotspots leave tracks of extinct ...,
Earth s outer core generates a st...
11  cards
What kind of climates make the mo...,
What do we call a rock that has t...,
Can chemical and physical weather...
20  cards
What are the main mineral compone...,
What other components are present...,
Layer of pure organic matter humus
18  cards
Mass Movement
What is the driving force behind ...,
What are the four risk factors fo...,
Which one makes trees curve upward
21  cards
Sediment Transport
Dissolved salts that travel until...,
Grains of rock and mineral that g...,
What are the different ways that ...
21  cards
Sedimentary Structures
Sediment stops in an,
What clues can we use to reconstr...,
Layer of sediment forms in a part...
23  cards
Sedimentary Environments
Why do we care about sedimentary ...,
What are the three main groups of...,
What are the three main groups of...
27  cards
Stored energy spreads out as rock...,
Actual rupture on the underground...,
Closest map location above the focus
21  cards
Rock Deformation
As rocks form they often change s...,
Form mountains trap oil and gas u...,
Outside force on rocks
25  cards
The Earthquake Cycle
Divergent plate motion creates __...,
Convergent motion creates ______ ...,
Transform motion creates ____ stress
16  cards
Fracturing and Faulting
Continuous curve in rock layers,
What is the cause of a fold,
Downward sag
29  cards
Metamorphic Rocks
Change in shape in which any rock...,
Minerals that form at the surface,
This messages how cooked the rock...
26  cards
Rock layers form one at a time la...,
If we see them still lying flat n...,
We find fossils preserved in rock...
15  cards
Metamorphic Pathways
When rocks get covered up by thic...,
Plate boundaries can increase p m...,
Burial metamorphism can happen
16  cards
Versions of the same element same...,
Unstable and radioactive isotopes...,
New element created by the decay ...
12  cards
What is the cause of the subducti...,
Where are the subduction mountain...,
Forms where ocean crust goes down...
29  cards
Rivers and Floods
Steeper gradient slope upstream o...,
Gentler gradient slope upstream o...,
Higher velocity upstream or downs...
25  cards
Coastal Floods
____ of people live near the ocean,
Salt water floods can happen on _...,
The flood risk is _____
21  cards
Caused by the heat from the sun,
Steps of the hydrologic cycle,
Pull of earth s gravity
24  cards
Water Table and Wells
Separates damp rocks from soaking...,
The water table is ____ in wet mo...,
The water table is ___ in dry months
18  cards
Caves and Karst
Caves form when,
Bedrock is almost always,
The water is often ____ from co2 gas
17  cards
Cool air sinks and warms up,
Warm air rises and cools off,
The earth s dry zones
22  cards
Glaciers are rivers of,
Any body of ice that flows downhi...,
Snow transforms to _____
31  cards
Ice Ages
Any time period when large ice sh...,
____ ice ages have occurred in th...,
Ice sheets formed on antarctica f...
22  cards
Causes of Climate Change
Actual conditions temperature hum...,
Long term average of weather,
An individual weather even may be...
17  cards
Climate Change Impacts
Rapid climate change at the poles...,
As glaciers melt,
Coastal areas will flood at first...
8  cards
Final Exam
How much water does a river hold,
Where a river meets the sea
66  cards

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