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Lecture #1
Geron greek for old man the scien...,
The branch of medicine that deals...,
What is old
56  cards
Lecture #2
Anatomical and physiological chan...,
What are the consequences of inap...,
What are the cardiovascular changes
59  cards
Lecture #3
Geropharm background,
Study of the movement and actions...,
Aging changes affecting absorption
78  cards
Lecture #4
What do the health assessments of...,
What is the nurse required to do ...,
What are the health history compo...
38  cards
Exam #1 Practice Questions
To help nurse grow through their ...,
During an assessment of an older ...,
Ageism is a term used to describe...
97  cards
Anticholinergic effects,
28  cards
Exam 2: Gero Lecture 5
Dry cracked itchy skin inadequate...,
Itchy skin a symptom not a diagno...,
Thin fragile skin extravasation o...
100  cards
Exam 2: Gero Lecture 6
Describe acute illness,
Describe chronic illness,
What is the preventive phase defi...
116  cards
Exam 2: Gero Lecture 7
Adult cognition is the process of,
What are the adult cog components,
What are the adult cog in action
81  cards
Exam 2: Gero Lecture 6 PATHO
Gerd etiology,
Gerd cm,
Gerd patho
36  cards
Gero Exam 2 TLC
What is the most common chronic c...,
Criteria for malnutrition,
_____________ makes elders sleepy...
17  cards
Gero Quiz Exam 2 Practice
You taught your patient how to kn...,
A patient in your long term facil...,
Mr smith 67 yo has recently been ...
17  cards
Exam 3: Gero Lecture 8
The most important capacity in hu...,
Meaningful communication and enga...,
Good communication basis for
83  cards
Exam 3: Lecture 9
Expectation that older will cease...,
What are the economic assistance ...,
Historically retirement was
44  cards
Exam 3: Lecture 10
What are the types of grief,
Response to a real or perceived l...,
Is a crisis somatic emotional fun...
30  cards
Exam 3 TLC
A group of students is teaching a...,
The nurse is assessing a patient ...,
Picture of a patients eyes that w...
13  cards
Lecture 8 Boxes
Box 61 public perception of aging,
Box 122 guidelines for cerumen im...,
Box 338 plissit model
3  cards
Lecture 9 Boxes
Box 302 amount of annual wages ne...,
Box 307 health services provided ...,
Box 308 health services provided ...
12  cards
Lecture 10 Boxes
Box 343 patterns of adjustment to...,
Box 352 factors influencing the g...,
Box 353 identifying those with be...
8  cards
Final Lecture #1
The scientific study of the proce...,
The branch of medicine that deals...,
Learn model
34  cards
Final Lecture #2
Cv cms,
Resp cm,
Gi cm
21  cards
Final Lecture #3
Decreased in norm aging,
What is increased sensitivity to ...,
What is the increased sensitivity...
35  cards
Final Lecture #4
Fluids aeration nutrition communi...,
Sleep disorders probs w eating fe...,
6 high pt is independent and 0 lo...
14  cards
Final Lecture #5
Dry cracked itchy skin inadequate...,
Itchy skin a symptom not a diagno...,
Thin fragile skin extravasation o...
33  cards
Final Lecture #6
Chronic illness,
Occurs suddenly and often w o war...,
Normal age related decrease in re...
21  cards
Final Lecture #7
Acquiring storing sharing using info,
Most pronounced in cerebral cortex,
Decreased weight and acetylcholin...
10  cards

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