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GI Embryology
As usual, erring on the side of too much detail... I don't love Kessler's embryo lectures.
41  cards
Gross Anatomy of Alimentary Tract
Parasympathetic innervation of th...,
Sympathetic spinal nerve levels f...,
What functions do the sympathetic...
27  cards
Histology of Alimentary Tract
What does mucosa refer to in the ...,
7 layers of tissue in the gi trac...,
Where are the 2 layers of nerve p...
26  cards
Normal GI Radiology
What does iv contrast show you,
Difference in resolution between ...,
What does oral enema contrast sho...
15  cards
Esophageal Pathophysiology
Three muscles in the upper esopha...,
Two types of muscle in the esophagus,
How is breathing related to lower...
41  cards
Acid, Ulcers, and H. pylori
What does low ph in the stomach i...,
Two different second messenger sy...,
Which cells secrete mucus and bic...
35  cards
Pharm of Peptic Ulcer Disease
3 acid promoting receptors on the...,
4 medical ways to treat peptic ul...,
Why does targeting the proton pum...
21  cards
Esophageal and Gastric Pathology
What lines the fetal esophagus,
What is an esophageal duplication...,
What is an inlet pouch importance
40  cards
Pediatric GI Pathology
Is atresia stenosis more common i...,
What other abnormality often co o...,
Clinical presentation of esophage...
31  cards
Radiology of the Upper GI Tract
What does a normal esophagus look...,
What can transverse striations on...,
What do esophageal ulcers from re...
25  cards
Motility, Gastroparesis, Non-ulcer Dyspepsia
2 processes that need to happen f...,
What are the pacemaker cells of t...,
What are gastric slow waves
31  cards
Normal Physiology of Small Bowel and Colon
What word is used to describe sma...,
3 things that regulate peristalsi...,
What is a unit of peristalsis in ...
39  cards
Pathophys of Diarrhea and Absorption
3 ways to not absorb enough water...,
Are ibs and fecal incontinence di...,
What s the arbitrary cutoff betwe...
24  cards
Infectious Diarrhea
Too many lists.
36  cards
Small Bowel and Colon: Non-neoplastic diseases
3 categories of causes of inflamm...,
4 ways that ischemia can happen,
What determines how large a swath...
24  cards
Pediatric GI Disease Cases
Saving details of Crohn's and ulcerative colitis for the next lecture.
20  cards
IBD Pathophys and Pharm
Review what gene to people really...,
4 processes involving bacteria th...,
What kind of t cells are thought ...
29  cards
Diarrhea Symposium
Trying not to repeat stuff we've seen... several times already at this point.
6  cards
Radiology: IBD and Cancers
In intussusception which is the i...,
What is a flat colon without haus...,
An annular lesion with shelf like...
21  cards
IBS and Diverticulous Disease
Is there a predominant patter of ...,
Criteria for irritable bowel synd...,
What might be responsible for the...
37  cards
Surgery for Obesity
For whom does the nih recommend b...,
2 categories of bariatric surgery,
How does roux en y gastric bypass...
10  cards
Other GI Tumors
What are the 3 categories of othe...,
Are leiomyosarcomas common in the...,
Where are leiomyomas most commonl...
53  cards
Tumors of the Small and Large Bowel
Are adenocarcinomas and neuroendo...,
Where are most nets,
When should people without other ...
33  cards
Colon Cancer
What kind of lesion can precede a...,
What are 2 stem cell types in int...,
What triggers adenomatous prolife...
19  cards
Food Allergies
About how many americans have foo...,
Does delaying the introduction of...,
What s oral allergy syndrome
21  cards
Pediatric Nutrition Dilemmas
Not sure... what is most important from this. It's a lot of disorganized lists.
22  cards
Pharm for Motility Disorders
What are two levels of nervous co...,
Which part of the bowel is partic...,
Review what is the gradient of ne...
25  cards
Gross Anat. of the Paraalimentary Tract
Which pancreatic bud migrates mor...,
What are the 3 salivary glands wh...,
Which bud forms the head of the p...
23  cards
Histology of the Paraalimtary Tract
About how many liters of fluid do...,
4 things that salivary glands sec...,
What do the duct cells of salivar...
26  cards
Physiology of the Pancreas
Do the endocrine and exocrine par...,
Specific ish effects of islet hor...,
What do the pancreatic ducts secr...
40  cards
Neoplasms of Pancreas and Gallbladder
As with many pathology lectures... I'm not sure which of all the genes etc. listed are most important.
46  cards
There's a lot in here. Focusing on the take-home points at the end of the lecture.
26  cards
Radiology of Liver, Pancreas, Gallbladder
What does mri actually look at,
What s an easy fluid to look at t...,
What other tissue fluid do metast...
10  cards
Liver Path. - Patterns of Injury
What is cirrhosis,
What cells lay down the collage i...,
What are 4 patterns of liver injury
31  cards
Pediatric Liver Disease
What kind of bilirubin is mainly ...,
What does unconjugated bilirubin ...,
What is physiologic jaundice
50  cards
Fatty Liver Disease
Cut off for daily alcoholic intak...,
3 causes of fatty liver disease,
What does each step in normal ie ...
25  cards
Acute and Chronic Hepatitis
How is hep a transmitted,
When do viruses stop being shed i...,
Does hav cause chronic infection
58  cards
Bilirubin, Jaundice, and Gallstones
Where does most bilirubin come from,
Uncojugated bilirubin isn t water...,
What enzyme conjugates glucuronid...
40  cards
Diseases of the Biliary Tree
What does cholelithiasis refer to,
What does choledocolithiathis ref...,
What should you do if you see som...
29  cards
Acute and Chronic Hepatitis... the sequel
What s one of the few things that...,
Review what s the liver enzyme ra...,
What are the absolute levels of l...
25  cards
Liver Path 2: Cholestatic and Neoplastic Disease
What are 3 complications of cirrh...,
Will blocking just the right or j...,
Will blocking the cystic duct cau...
26  cards
Complications of End-Stage Liver Disease
Does cirrhosis necessarily imply ...,
Simple way to distinguish compens...,
2 variables affecting pressure in...
29  cards
Liver Transplantation and Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Most common indications for liver...,
5 proximal indications ie complic...,
2 main questions when evaluating ...
25  cards
Pharm for Viral Hepatitis
What kind of genome does hcv have,
How are hcv gene products translated,
What accounts for the high mutati...
29  cards
Oral Manifestations of GI Disease
Where do the ulcers of recurrent ...,
What gi disease can recurrent apt...,
What do the ulcers of recurrent a...
17  cards

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