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Lecture 1: N/V
How long is the digestive tract,
What are the 6 primary functions ...,
What is considered the middle par...
41  cards
Lecture 2: Diarrhea/Constipation
In what demographic is especially...,
What are the 3 duration types of ...,
What is the primary cause of acut...
60  cards
Lecture 3: Disorders of the Esophagus
What are the common symptoms of a...,
What are the two types of dysphagia,
What are the 5 components of orop...
104  cards
Lecture 4: Disorders of the Stomach
Define dyspepsia,
What is the hallmark sign of gerd...,
Define gastropathy
99  cards
Lecture 5: Disorders of the SI/Colon
Si anatomy image review,
What are the 3 phases of digestion,
What is celiac disease
128  cards
Lecture 6: Disorders of the Colon & Rectum
What are the two autoimmune condi...,
What is ulcerative colitis,
What is crohn s disease
101  cards
Disorders of the Esophagus High Yield
Two types of dysphagia,
2 mc symptoms of gerd,
3 dysfunctions of the gej that ca...
69  cards
Disorders of the Stomach High Yield
Hallmark sign of stomach disorder,
3 main etiologies for erosive gas...,
Mc clinical manifestation of eros...
67  cards
Disorders of the SI/colon High Yield
3 phases of digestion,
What characterizes celiac disease,
Mc demographic for celiac disease
94  cards
Disorders of the Colon & Rectum High Yield
Mc demographics for uc and cd,
Smoking is risk factor for which ibd,
Characteristic description and lo...
66  cards
Disorders of the Pancreas
Where is the pancreas,
How and where does the pancreas e...,
What are the exocrine enzymes rel...
61  cards
Disorders of the Gallbladder
Where is bile made,
What is the flow of bile from a h...,
What forms the common bile duct
92  cards
Disorders of the Liver Part 1
What are the 4 lobes of the liver...,
Whjat ar ethe 3 components of the...,
What are the two vessels that sup...
117  cards
Disorders of the Liver Part 2
Which hepatitis is fecal oral,
Which hep is blood borne,
What kind of virus is hep a
119  cards
Disorders of the Liver Part 2 COPY
Which hepatitis is fecal oral,
Which hep is blood borne,
What kind of virus is hep a
119  cards
Disorders of the Acute Abdomen
What are the 3 types of pain that...,
When auscultating for peristalsis...,
What is carnett s sign
73  cards
GI Imaging
What do the colors on a xray repr...,
What is special about a kub xray,
How much radiation is a cxr ct chest
18  cards

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